Tamando Chokotho lined up to be Malawi’s AG

Tamando Chokotho
Tamando Chokotho
Tamando Chokotho earmarked for AG post.

Reports reaching Malawi24 indicate that government will appoint lawyer Tamando Chokotho for the office of the Attorney General (AG) in the country.

This follows the expiry of AG Kalekeni Kaphale’s term of office. Kaphale who was appointed in 2014 has completed his three year contract.

Government is yet to renew Kaphale’s contract and reports show Chokotho is likely to replace him.

Government spokesperson Nicholas Dausi is reported to have downplayed reports that Kaphale has been fired, despite his term being expired.

Social media was earlier stormed with reports that Kaphale had been fired.

Meanwhile government is yet to clear mist on the speculation that Chokotho will replace Kaphale.



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