WhatsApp group donates to patients

A WhatsApp group has donated various items to children admitted at Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) in Malawi’s capital city, Lilongwe.

Speaking to Malawi24 after the donation, vice chairperson of the Healthy and Beauty Tips group Patrick Ramsey Mwapanya said they thought of taking the donation to KCH because it helps a lot of people especially children who lack insufficient resources.

Healthy and Beauty Tips group members carry the assorted items at KCH

Mwapanya said the idea of donating at KCH is the preamble of the steps ahead for the group.

“We chose KCH because it is the biggest hospital in central region. The hospital receives patients from various districts. We planned to specifically donate to the children’s ward because these are vulnerable people that need intensive help,” Mwapanya told Malawi24.

The group donated assorted items such as sugar, soap and salt among others.

Commenting on the overall purposes of the group, Mwapanya said the group’s vision is to help a lot of needy people.

“Our aim is to assist people who can’t manage to go to expensive hospital to get some treatment so that they can get assisted easily,” he said.

Health and Beauty tips is a WhatsApp group that helps people on health issues through discussing ways of preventing and curing diseases especially home remedies.

The group so far has 256 members but segmented in central, northern and southern regions. 60 members in central region attended the donation ceremony at KCH.

According to Mwapanya, the money to buy the items was sourced through fundraising such as car washing.

Mwapanya advised youths in the country that they can use social media platforms such as WhatsApp for doing helpful things.



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