Malawi Queens massacred by Uganda


After struggling to beat Zimbabwe in their opening game at the on going Africa Netball Championships in Uganda on Sunday, the Malawi Queens had a game to forget as they were thumped 66-43 by the hosts on Monday afternoon at Ligogo MTN Arena.

The hosts were rampant from the word go as they dominated all quarters, with their star goal shooter Rachael Nanyonge proving too difficult to handle.

Having beaten the Queens in the two friendly matches just before the tournament, it was not a surprise to see She Cranes taking a 13-11 lead in the first quarter.

malawi netball
Queens fall to Uganda. (File image)

Malawi’s England based goal shooter Joyce Mvula was tightly marked as she failed to repeat yesterday’s form against Zimbabwe in which she was very instrumental.

Come second quarter, the hosts continued where they stopped as Peace Proscovia and Nanyonge formed a deadly combination to increase the lead to 27-22.

Things got worse to the Queens when Alinafe Kamwala was red carded after being given three warnings by the umpire.

In the third quarter, the margin was just too much for the Queens as She Cranes increased the tally to 29-48 before completing the riot in the final quarter with a 66-43 victory over the highest ranked side at the tournament.

She Cranes have made it three wins out of the three and they are the favourites to win the tourney ahead of the second placed Malawi.

On Sunday, Uganda mauled Namibia 69-31 while Malawi survived a scare when they beat Zimbabwe 55-45.



  1. Regardless; its the best netball team in Africa and better than other western nations. As long as they’re still in the Tornament, they will come back stronger!! Wait and mark my words! They will win the cup. A zambian who follow malawi netball team everywhere!!!

  2. Accordin to how i saw uganda playin at de netball world cup,nodoubt they will b de nxt african netball powerhouse,either malawi or south african will match them.

  3. Bodza timu sikuti ingamawine kapena kuluza gemu iliyonse azimayiwa china nchina amayesetsa kuposa ya anyamata imene pa magemu 10 imatha kuwinapo kapena ku drawetsa kamodzi basi mwinanso ayi olo.

  4. Mwankhala mukusewela bwino osadanda masiku sakoma onse mulungu wakuoneseran momwe oluza mtima umapwetekera limbikilani

  5. Derick Buchinger, we are talking about the queens here not how you were cured of HIV. That is a subject for another day please.

  6. You administrator…..
    At least YOU have to be patriotic in publishing…..
    It’s as if you are not citizens of Malawi….
    We dont despise our own country men /women the way you are publishing….
    “Massacre “. No no no no no no…..
    From where do you think these women will get comfort if you insult them in this way….
    Patriotism is lacking in YOU, feel SHAME please…..
    Encourage these women, they represent us & YOU….
    They have participated in different tournaments & they have brought us trophies…… Now is it bcoz of only one loss that you can publish against them, & expose them to SHAME?
    This is why one time BINGU wanted to give some lectures to journalists…..
    NOW I believe he was very right…..

  7. under normal circumstances the number 3 team in the world can not be beaten by such a no name team. Something somewhere went wrong. I still love the queens. They are a pride of rhis nation as far as sports is concerned.

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  9. Thanks Uganda for humbling them atleast we are now at par with the Flames nobody will talk nonsense of our boys relating to this useless good for nothing non- entertaining sport they call netball. We lost yesterday Yes, but for the first time, I saw a team playing with a purpose,with a game plan , not just kicking the ball like headless chickens. Take this trend , with this coach I see us qualifying for the 2026 world cup.

    1. Just thank God that we using junior netball team, have you seen the likes of Mwayi Kumwenda there the number 1 netballer in the whole world and the other fast 6 netballers, for your own information there is only 1 netballer from the Malawi senior team there, hold your tongue my dear.

  10. Koma a Malawinso flames yadyedwa ndi TZ apanso Uganda cranes yadyanso azimayiwaa Griifin why did you pick anthu ofoka ngati amenewa we watched this game pa kwese sport koma kutopa ngati azimayi amimba lol!

  11. Chilichonse chikulowa pansi cry the beloved Nyasa,ifeel sorry for my country but I love it,if it was the time for Mary waya regime everything was ayoba.

  12. Am A Uganɗan And I Watched The Game It Was Afantastic Game For Us But Queens Tried To Play Good Game Only The Problem Came When the umpire reduced them to six. pliz don’t loose hope.

  13. Kuyambira lero muzindiuza Za queens kusiyana ndi flames tamvana bwino tsopano sichoncho? Manje flames kukonda kundimwetsa panado nsakufuna, mbola!!!. Thumbs up ma queen anthu. I like you very much.

  14. hahahaha ndaona ANTHU ambili timanena zamwano ikaluza koma zimachitikaoreover akuyakhula kuti shameful NDI axibambo inu mukulephera uko ZANU flames ndie basi busy kunyoza

  15. The defense was failing to stop the tallest ugandan goal shooter.The team needs tall players if we want to be no 1 in the world

  16. kuli mavuto kumeneku nchifukwa chiyani asiya ma player 6 a first choice? ndale zachuluka ku netball kenako iziluza ngat flamez… chotsani ndalezo

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