Malawi Muslims urged to be united

Dinala Chabulika

Muslims in the country have been urged to continue being united as they were during the month of Ramadan.

The call was made by Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) Spokesperson Sheikh Dinala Chabulika as Muslims in the country have joined the entire Muslim community in the world in celebrating Eid Ul-Fitr marking the end of fasting.

Chabulika told Muslims to take the fasting period as a teacher and that such lessons must be implemented after fasting so that Muslims in the country may continue living in peace and harmony with people of other religions.

Dinala Chabulika
Sheikh Chabulika has made the call.

“I am asking Muslims in the country who were fasting that they must implement what the month of Ramadan taught them. During fasting Muslims were urged to refrain from using obscene languages, being sympathetic for one another among others. This is the time that Muslims must implement such teachings after fasting,” He said.

Malawi24 caught up with one Muslim, Abdullah Jafar, who said that the month of Ramadan has helped him to explore some of Islamic teachings that he didn’t know before.

Jafar said that some teachings that he has learnt during the fasting time will help him to become successful if implemented accordingly in his day to day life.

“The holy month of Ramadan has taught us to be givers and people who can accept everyone despite having different beliefs.

“Such approaches are important not just to me but also to the nation. Peaceful coexistence is helpful because in so doing we can be sharing ideas that can help in growing social economically at individual, family, community and national level,” he said.



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  3. There is big differents between Eidul fitir and Eidun mubaraka. I think u dont know though u follow it. This is Eidul fitir because moslem they pay Alfitir before thy pray Eid thus why its called Eidul fitir. Now when we come to eidun mubarak it means Eid yabwino

    1. They are not wrong to say Eid L-fitr, that’s true, Eid L-fitr means Happy break fast. Eied Mubarack means Happy blessings.

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