Nsanje Lalanje MP Sam Ganda dead

Sam Ganda
Sam Ganda
Ganda: Dies at 53.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Nsanje Lalanje constituency Sam Ganda has died, Malawi24 has learnt.

Reports say the former deputy  minister of Transport died of cancer at an Indian hospital.

He had in 2014 along with other 14 Independent lawmakers joined the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the parliament. He also had a stint with the Peoples Party (PP).

In the PP regime, he served as Deputy Minister of Transport.

Ganda has died aged 53 and burial arrangements will be made available by the family in due course.




  1. Abwana ,akadati Mulungu amalola kuti munthu abwezedwe, iyi ndiyo pempho langa kuti mubwerere kuti mudzamalize ntchito zabwino zomwe mudayamba bwana wanga. Anthu anawonera pa inu mu Nsanje Lalanje kuti MP amathandiza anthu ku zosowa zawo. Ambuye akutsogolereni RIP

  2. The Lord God said to adam tsiku limene uti udzadye cipatso ca mtemgo wapakati pa mundau udafa ndithu then devil came eve and said you shal not surely die, other vesion says quoting wat devil had said; die you shal die but not surely. The word RIP contradicts all truth about state of the death, in other way we are supporting the devil

    1. I completely support the remarks by Kamwaza that the words “Rest in Peace” signify that we are supporting the Devil who said people shall not surely die. Satan contradicted God’s warning to Adam and Eve as well as their descendants. The words “Rest in Peace” do not appear anywhere in the Bible. Death surely means death – a complete cessation of life. This means that our only hope of endless life is resurrection, when Jesus Christ will awake those who die in faith, and whose names are in God’s Book of Life.

  3. Etii Osamwalila Uyuyu,dela La Nsanje Limachita Bwino Kwambili Bcz Cha Mp Sam Ganda Sazapezekanso Ngati Mp Sam Ganda Mzimu Wako Usemutendele

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