TNM brings Samsung Galaxy 8 to Malawi

In its quest to continuously provide its clientele with the latest in technological innovations, TNM has partnered with IT Centre as the official exclusive provider of the newly released Samsung Galaxy S8 in Malawi using its LTE/4G network.

The phone will be available from TNM under the Ultimate Contract package. With this packages, the user will get the S8+launch kit (fast battery charge kit, clear back cover and screen protector) +Dex station+ keyboard and mouse. The dock that turns your mobile into a desktop PC which enables users to seamlessly access apps, edit documents, browse the web, watch videos, reply to messages and more, directly from the smartphone on a larger display ( Smart TV), with keyboard and mouse”

Launched on April 28th, the S8 has so far received a lot of positive reviews and boasts of several special features, including Infinity Display – The Galaxy S8’s expansive display stretches from edge to edge, giving you the most amount of screen in the least amount of space. Bixby is the intelligent interface that is built into the Galaxy S8. Front camera -8 MP Selfie Camera.

Breaking the good news, Chief Officer, Enterprise Services Vishwajeet Deshmukh said TNM has been chosen to pioneer the S8 in Malawi as it is the only mobile telecoms operator providing the LTE/4G network platform which complements the Samsung Galaxy S8 technology.

“The best network platform has partnered the best in smart phone technology. The S8 is another cutting-edge innovation from Samsung which allows users to enjoy high class design and exciting experience that TNM offers through its LTE/4G network platform,” he said.

Deshmukh said the S8 is compatible with TNM’s expanded LTE/4G network coverage and offers transmission speeds of up to 100 Megabits per second for downloads that allows the users of to fully experience the best of what S8 can offer,” he added.



  1. Mmmmm ngati ndalama tiribe osangokhala chete bwanji? Kusauka kwa inu nde aliyense? You dont have to decide for somebody’s priority.

  2. I don’t own one of its kind but there isn’t anything special about this so called S8 and S8+. The phone features; iris scanning for security reasons, best camera to capture those beautiful moments but all these doesn’t count. Ikataika sizutanthauza munthu akusaka mkudzakupatsa for the fact ili ndi iris scanning chabe we’re just obsessed with technology. Let us live like entrepreneurs rather than celebrities, forget the phone and invest the money. I’m sure some of you mukwanitsa kugula koma osati awo ndi ine.

  3. Achaponda kagureni, ine ndi old timer, my BlackBerry Z10 year of make 2013 got Already LTE/4G. Tizagula next year zikazabedwa Ku Joz.

  4. Kugula lero nkuphwanyikanso pangozi ya galimoto yomwe udzakafikira kuchipatala pomwe ulibenso ndalama ina yolipilira kuchipatalako pomwe unatenga nhongole ku ntchito ya 1.5 inayo yathera mowa ndi mafuta a mgalimoto nthawi yomwe umapita kumowa

  5. Nde akati kutukuka ndikugula fon yabwino ngati? Kutuka ndi 1.kudya bwino 2.kusambira tsopo wabwino 3.kuvala bwino 4.mayendedwe abwino 5.pogona pabwino 6.moyo wauzimu 7.kulumikizana ndi abale ndi alongo kwabwino nde kutukuka osati kugula chinthu chopanda nctchito koma chodula pomwe chogwira ntchito chimodzimodzi koma cha mtengo wabwino chilipo

  6. Eti tikonzedi tsogolo izi nzogula anthu aulesi nde moyo ungapite patsogolo chifukwa cha foni chinthu cha mthumba? Pali ndi zinthu zake not fon nde bola kugula sofa anthu akabwera azikutamandira kuti uli ndi katundu wa bho koma fon ili nthumba angadziwe ndani kuti wanyamula million

    1. Galaxy S8 in India Rs57,900
      Galaxy S8 in South Africa R15,499
      Galaxy S8+ in South Africa R17,499
      That’s the real prices on pay as you go.
      I think this brother was confused with this letter R which stands for Rupee in India and Rand in South Africa.

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