Breaking: Times’ workers go on strike


…Demand 80 per cent salary increase

Trouble appears to be following Malawi’s oldest private media, Times Group Limited as a part of its workforce has downed tools following grievances over salary.

Information that Malawi24 has sourced from the aggrieved workers indicates that the workers on strike are demanding a 80% salary hike from the institution.

TimesA source which has spoken to Malawi24 on strict condition of anonymity said that they have downed tools after management refused to attend to their grievances.

“We told management a week ago that we would down tools if they would not adhere to our demands. They did nothing and finally we have downed tools,” said the source.

The source further disclosed that despite them warning management of the industrial action days earlier, management did not reach out to them.

“They don’t appreciate us, so even when we told them that we would down tools, they were not bothered,” said the source.

Asked on which departments had downed tools, the source said it was the printing department which has decided to withhold labour.

“I can only speak on my behalf and that of my colleagues, so it’s just in the printing department that we have suspended working,” he said.

The source further disclosed that only a 80% hike would force them back to work.

“No threats will move us, it’s only the salary hike that we will understand,” he said.

Malawi24 has been reliably informed that other departments are closely monitoring the situation and are ready to join in the strike or start their own depending on the decision that Times management will make.

Times which publishes the Daily Times and Malawi News also owns Times Radio and Television. Of late it has been beset by a number of problems ranging from trouble with MRA and a loss of staff.



  1. Chikadya unalembatu munthu olakwika Brian Banda taone mmene unayambira tyms group anthu enawo anayamba po apanga demand 80% increament?

  2. Woww! Oky aliso ndmavuto kodi a Times group? Kapena mwalakwisa kulemba? If so why it z unable to manage a very few employees in within their range,bt pushing others to do [email protected] they can not do? Shame on now. U thought operating the whole country ndmasanje eti? Mwaonekera ng’amba ndietu. Osamakhala ndi mbali polemba nkhani mwava? Sikut ena omwe m’mawaikira kumbuyo alibe ma weakneses ayi,m’mayenera kuwafukulaso kut dziko lidzwiletu to avoid future mistake.

  3. 80%? mungochiller chani!!! Tsegulani campany yanu muzionjezera salary antchito anu 80% tione ngati ingathe matsiku,,,Zaziiii!

  4. izoooooo ntchito kulemba nkhani zabooza lero mukulira mufuna 80% ngati mwatopa nayo ntchito mungoyisiya basi mufuna kugwetsa company chani

    1. Dont forget Kasakula & Chikadya r employees.They too can demand a pay hike,so the salary matches with the skyrocketing cost of living. Kodi Chanco si yotseka kaamba ka nkhani ya malipiro. So what r u DPP dogs barking? Go tell ur so called President to rise to the occasion,than bury his empty head in the sand.

  5. Mmmh Malawi 24??? Ngt itx true awapaxe coz thx company of group yathandza kt Ponderan Pitala Ibu kapanda mano ave kuwawa

    1. Yes! Though I wasn’t in the the country but we tried to oppose it & criticised him on social media but he couldn’t listen due to his imbecile sickness suffering, he’s not right up⤴ stairs thus wy our country is not developing.

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