Super League players advised to invest

Nomads vs Bullets

Football players affiliated to different domestic top flight clubs have been advised to invest their earnings to sustain their finances.

This follows the pathetic financial welfare of most local football players who despite taking to the field for years, can be hardly distinguished from street beggars.

This is owed to their failure to invest the little they earn during their football career.

The issue has been brought to analysts’ attention with the recent demise of Tony Chitsulo whose burial has been lowly rated.

Andrew Chilapondwa
Andrew Chilapondwa drills football players in Malawi.

Malawi24‘s Sports reporter and analyst Andrew Chilapondwa is among those who have voiced out their concerns for the Super League players. He said it is high time players put their future into consideration through investing from the little they earn.

“If you are a Super League player, learn to save from the little you are earning because you don’t know what will happen tomorrow.”

He asks players to emulate former national football heroes who have something to show having retired from international football.

“Emulate the likes of Peter Mponda, James Sangala, Esau Kanyenda, John Maduka, Clement Kafwafwa, and Patrick Mabedi, just to mention a few.”

In Malawi players are said to blame meagre perks they get from their respective clubs, for their failure to invest. As such most players become comfortable with the little they earn and enjoy life as much as they can.

Death of Douglas Chirambo, who was playing for Bullets, influenced the Football Association to create a players’ association to advise players on matters pertaining to their welfare. He died in dire need of funds to carter for medical bills as he awaited treatment.


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