Schools, hospitals should not be left in hands of corrupt Govt – Kachaje


One of the country’s economists Henry Kachaje has urged the church in Malawi to invest heavily in education and health saying corrupt governments cannot run the sectors effectively.

Through his Facebook page, Kachaje said for a long time the church had played a big role in the social economic development of the world as a lot of educational institutions were developed by the church.

Henry Kachaje

Kachaje: Talks tough on corrupt tendencies in Malawi.

“In Europe and America, the church played a very crucial role launching social economic development. A lot of educational institutions were developed by the church. In Malawi, most of the good schools in the 1970s and 1980s were mission schools,” said Kachaje.

The economist wondered if Malawi still has the church that sees the need to heavily invest in education and health sectors of the country.

According to Kachaje, major CCAP congregations in Blantyre city such as St. Michaels, St. Columbus, St. James, Michiru, and Katimba churches can  work together and adopt Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital for a year or agree to build a state of the art cancer hospital or maternity hospital

In his view, he said if the church does not understand the role it played in the social economic development of the country there will be little progress.

“Unless the churches understand the critical role they played in the development of the education and health sector, I see very little progress in the country, if we think that this role can effectively be played by our highly corrupt government system,” he wrote.