Students to hold mass demos over Chanco closure


Students from Chancellor College (Chanco), a constituent college of University of Malawi (UNIMA), have disclosed that they are to hold mass demonstrations against the closure of the college.

According to the students, the Unima council needed to open the college as a way of ensuring the students’ right to education.

The students through their leader Sylvester Ayuba James said they are to hold demonstrations in the major cities to force the council to open the college.

“We, therefore, would like to call upon all our members to prepare for mass demonstrations which will be held in all the four cities next week. The date and other logistical arrangements will be communicated in due course. Meanwhile, we will be working on notifying the relevant offices as per requirements of the prevailing law,” explained Ayuba through a statement addressed to the students.

He further urged fellow students to join the demonstrators arguing they are fighting for their right to education that has been infringed through persistent closure of the college.

However, the council is reported to have disclosed that it does not operate on “threats” from students hence the students must not threaten it.

Chanco was closed after academic staff downed tools demanding salary increment that is equal to other colleges under UNIMA.

The council then resolved to have the salary hiked but students are still in homes waiting for authorities to open the college’s doors.



  1. Why should issues of Chanco affect the whole nation? This is stupidity at its highest level. Go and tell your lecturers to go back to work. They are just being paid while not working. How is this possible? Tatopa kumangomva nkhani zaawa.

  2. bwampini amawona ngati kuyendetsa boma ndi tchetera, tiyeni nayeni!!!!!!!!!!

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