MCP demands re-run in LL City South East

Lazarous Chakwera

The Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has demanded a re-run in Lilongwe City South East constituency saying there should be no by-election.

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) disclosed this week that they are to hold a by-election in the constituency arguing the country does not offer provision of a re-run.

Commenting on the matter, MCP has disclosed that the court ruling must be respected on the matter.

Ulemu Msungama
Ulemu Msungama : Had challenged the result of the elections.

MCP deputy secretary Eisenhower Mkaka said MEC must respect the ruling by following the order of having a re-run.

“As MCP we have written a letter to MEC about elections in Lilongwe City South East constituency, as you are aware Mec want to hold a by-election and not a re-run, what we know is that the court ruled for a re-run and that must be respected” said Mkaka.

Meanwhile MEC is yet to comment on the matter.

Malawi Supreme Court of Appeal ordered a re-run of elections in Lilongwe City South East constituency after MCP candidate Ulemu Msungama challenged the results which declared Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidate Bentley Namasasu winner.

Msungama challenged the results of the May 20 2014 Tripartite Elections parliamentary race in the constituency on the basis that his votes were counted as Namasasu’s.

The MCP candidate then met a challenge of backing his claim as fire gutted the MEC warehouse making it impossible to recount votes.