Person with albinism attacked by thugs in Chikhwawa

Albinos Malawi

A 38-year-old person with albinism has sustained serious injuries on his left hand after two unknown thugs attacked him at his home village of Dagalasi in the area of Chief Ngabu in Chikhwawa on Friday night.

Both the Police and Senior Chief Ngabu of the district have confirmed the attack of Gift Notisi.

According to Chikhwawa Police spokesperson Sergeant Andrew Mayawo, the attackers injured the victim with a machete after failing to overpower him.

Albinos Malawi“It was during the wee hours of Friday when unidentified people invaded the house of Mr Notisi, a resident of Dagalasi village. Upon arrival at the house the thugs attacked the victim and tried to cut off his left arm but failed after he shouted for help,” narrated Mayawo to Malawi24.

Meanwhile, some traditional leaders in Chikhwawa have asked government to come up with tough laws to curb the malpractices.

The attack on Gift Notisi comes few weeks after two boys with albinism who are from the same family were also attacked by unknown thugs at Labu in the area of Traditional Authority Masache in the same district.

Inspector General of Police, Lexten Kachama recently refuted allegations by Association of People with Albinism in Malawi (APAM) that the attack and killings of persons with albinism are happening because the country’s security has lapsed.

During the visit to Chikhwawa district, Kachama warned people who are attacking people with albinism in the country that they would face stiff penalties once they are caught but till now no one has been brought to book.


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  1. mob justice is the only answer to this foolish behaviour.

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