Liwonde businessman arrested for abduction


Police in Liwonde have arrested 50-year-old businessman Victor Mtuwa for abducting a girl with intent to murder her, Malawi24 has learnt.


There was chaos in Liwonde.

This follows chaos that erupted in Liwonde whereby students at Mawila Private Secondary school vandalised items and burnt Mtuwa’s house in a bid to search for the girl.

According to police, at the moment the girl whom Mtuwa abducted is at her mother’s house in Mitundu-Lilongwe whilst Mtuwa is in police custody.

Speaking to Malawi24, Machinga Public Relations Officer Constable Davie Sulumba said the victim is failing to say what happened to her.

“Up to now, the victim is not able to elaborate what happened to her but Victor Mtuwa has been arrested   for abduction with intent to murder and he is now on full remand,” said Sulumba.

Meanwhile, some of the students and villagers who staged the attack at Mtuwa’s house are also in police custody.

According to Sulumba, out of the 32 suspects arrested, two will answer charges of arson, 27 are in for enticing violence, and three for acts likely to cause breach of peace.



  1. Set these students free or else u wanted mtuwa to kill da girl and u da police start ur investigatons at ur usual slow pace which usually end up fruitless?

  2. apolice akumalawi mukutichitisamanyazi kobasi, inu ofunika kumakumenyani ndithu. atuluseni anyamata osalakwawo

  3. Which means police came to calm the riots erupted by the angry students,,why hav they tried to apprehend the students if there intetion was to arrest the man of carrendestine??.was it improper to arrest him and despace the crowds?o

  4. Atulutseni enawo mesa nokha mukuvomereza kuti Mtuwa anafuna kumupha msungwanuyu ndiye enawa adalakwa chani? A police ntchito idakukanikani thats why anthuwa adapanga okha zoti chilungamo chidziwike

  5. Everyone could see from the story that that mtuwa is the threat to society. His wealthy swims in human blood. Just imagine how many people he has slaughtered. He is a devil himself walking

  6. Malawian police you are so stupit no need to arrest these students coz they went there to protect the girl, Mtuwa he ls the only one to arrest n he must rot ln jail