‘We are no longer arresting people for vagabond’

James Kadadzera
James Kadadzera: Says police not netting people over vagabond.

Malawi Police Service has denied claims that its officers are still arresting people using the abolished law of rogue and vagabond.

The denial has been made by National police Spokesperson James Kadadzera during an interview with Malawi24.

Kadadzera was responding to what people have been claiming that police officers are still using the law although it was recently declared as unconstitutional.

He said what the people are saying is not true since the law is still considered as unconstitutional in the country.

He however uttered that each and every police officer is fully aware of this and there is no doubt that people are not being arrested for walking at night.

Kadadzera also promised to conduct further inquiries to find out if any police station is still arresting people over rogue and vagabond.

Rogue and vagabond was declared unconstitutional by the courts in January after a businessman who was arrested for walking after 6PM sought a judicial review.



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