I didn’t incite Malawians to revolt – Chakwera

Lazarus Chakwera

Leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera has denied claims that he incited Malawians to revolt when he made a statement to criticise President Peter Mutharika’s administration over a week ago.

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader has been criticised by some quarters for saying that Malawians will revolt if government fails to solve the problems currently rocking the country.

However, Chakwera has denied using the word revolt saying he only reminded government that the constitution allows Malawians to express their views when things are not going well in the country.

Lazarus Chakwera
Chakwera: Clears his name on reports of revolt.

“I did not use the word revolt, but what am saying is that the constitution of Malawi has provision that say that people can express their views within the mandate of the law in times when government is not responding to the needs of the country,” said Chakwera.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Supreme Council of Malawi has slammed Chakwera saying the word revolt was not supposed to come from the leader of opposition who is also a reverend.

The officials from the council further claimed that as a person who once stood at the pulpit preaching the word of God, Chakwera should have come in with solutions to the country’s problems rather than calling for a revolt.

A political scientist in the country has also condemned Chakwera for calling for a revolt saying that will not bring solutions to the challenges facing the country.



  1. This is why this country is not progressing economically and politically because most Malawians chose to be used by the dpp. When Dr. Chakwera tells you to jack up you always take him as the enemy of gaffment and you use poor people to castigate him on MBC. But nay we love Dr. Chakwera and come 2019 we are ready to make him the president of this country and the devil will be ashamed.

  2. Hon chakwera you said exactly that. Your tongue, your mouth, your heart is full of violence. That’s what you preach. you always provoke government to arrest you so that you earn our sympathies. Turn yourself into a matured politician who utters all but every thing caution like politician of old JZU. How many Times have you blundered in your speeches? Now you want to blame reporters to have misquoted you? aaaah be careful, the reporters you invite to your press conferences use recorders and not pens. Your speeches can be replayed unedited. That’s why they reporters can make or unmake you.Do not be overexcited with their presence. They will not hide you but uncover your true self. Ask Chaponda or Uladi Mussa

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