Demonstrations on today


The Lilongwe City Council (LCC) has granted a go ahead to Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to hold peaceful demonstrations demanding transparency, accountability, and an end to impunity in the country.

According to a statement that has been released by the City Council dated 28th February and signed by the council’s Chief Executive Officer Moza Zeleza, the council has approved that the demonstrations will be held on Thursday, 2nd March and people will start to congregate from 7am and demonstrations shall commence from 9am to 12:00 noon.

Billy Mayaya
Billy Mayaya: All is set.

According to the statement, the route for the demonstrations will be from Area 18 roundabout to City Centre roundabout and back to Parliament roundabout where a petition will be read out and delivered to the speaker of the Parliament.

Meanwhile, the council has assured citizens that the Malawi Police Service will provide required security, maintain peace and order and ensure strict observance of the law during the protests.

“The organisers shall provide 21 marshals who shall put on white T-shirts and work together with Malawi Police. All protesters shall put on red attire for easy identification.

“All parties concerned shall duly communicate these resolutions to everyone involved in the implementation of the planned demonstrations and that these resolutions shall be binding to all parties concerned,” reads part of the statement.




  1. To say the truth of this issue President Mutharika is innocent but he is surrounded by cowards. people who don’t want to help him to preside this nation according to the law.President Peter Mutharika change ur mindset choose people who will assist u regardless their origin ur friendship ur relationship their are alot of people who can assist u take them.Mr Peter u have to be conscious how Malawians are starving.Atumikireni amalawi mowamvera chisoni tikuvutikatu ife mdziko lathu lomwe tikulira ife tikudandaula tadzimvani chisoni andale inu.Tsiku lina mudzakayankhatu mafunso pamaso pa Yehova ululu umene mukutipatsa ululu onse udzabwera pa inu mkwiyo was Yehova udzakhala pa inu.Mulungu akhale nanu andale nonse


  3. Kodi inu ma CSOs mumandidabwitsa-akakudyetsani ma banzi mumasintha mawanga so my question is kodi which impunity are you trying to end? n why do you play double standards sometimes?

  4. I thought you will be demanding electricity? We have the ATI law so why asking for transparency? You fools, there are more important issues that you must ask for. I am not a partisan but a Malawian and I could have supported you if you were asking for the removal of the ESCOM chief Executive Officer and ESCOM chief engineer.

  5. Mawa timwa tea kwanthu cz at the end mademo amenewa mwamwayi magamba aka thyola sitoro ndi zaturukapo ndi Belo la sugar langa kkkkkkkk.

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