CSOs dwelling on issues that cannot help Malawians – analyst


A political scientist in the country says Civil Society Organisations (CSO) calling for Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Lazarus Chakwera to be probed are dwelling on things that cannot not help Malawians.

Lazarus Chakwera

Chakwera is being asked to name sources of his wealth.

This is coming at a time when some CSOs have asked authorities to investigate Chakwera so that he should explain where he got the money he is using to build his mansion in Lilongwe.

The CSOs made the demands after Chakwera asked President Peter Mutharika to order the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to search all the cabinet ministers’ houses following an incident where huge amount of money was found in the house of former Agriculture Minister George Chaponda.

Speaking to Malawi24, one of the political scientists in the country Wonderful Mkhutche said what is happening between the CSOs and the leader of MCP shows that cheap politics is taking place.

“Cheap politics is at play here, Chakwera cannot conclude that all ministers have foreign exchange currencies in their homes just because one of them was caught with it, he is delving into opportunist politics and for the CSOs as well to be asking Dr. Chakwera on how he built his mansion, are dwelling on things that cannot help us,” said Mkhutche.

Wonderful Mkhutche

Wonderful Mkhutche: We dont need this.

He added that if the leader of MCP has evidence that some ministers are in the wrong like Chaponda and again if the CSOs have evidence that Chakwera built a mansion using money  that he cannot account for let them take the issue to the right authorities for action.

When asked if he thinks the CSOs have been influenced by government behind doors to question the MCP leader, Mkhutche said sometimes it is hard to trust CSOs in the country.

“You can never tell, CSOs in Malawi cannot be trusted sometimes. There can be an invisible hand in their words but if not there is simple conclusion, that they too just like Malawians are fed up seeing Chakwera not providing a strong political opposition,” he said.

According to Mkhutche, Malawians want Chakwera to rise above the petty criticism that has recently characterised him.



  1. Koma malawi malawi malawi kulilatu ine kumeneku,inu ma cso munthu akufuna boma lisiye chibwana ili, inu mukuti nayeni iyeyo, kodi mukufuna azikhala chete kuwoopa kuti mumutengetsetsanso naye, aaa zalowa chibwana ndithu. Mukutulutsa nkhani imeneyi kamba koti achakwera alankhula?bolani mukanayamba inuyo kapena kudikira zomwe anena achakwerazi kuti ziyambe zapita kaye koma apa zaonetseratu kuti enanu ndi amene mukulepheretsa malawi kutukuka, zandinyasa kwambiri

  2. Wonderful Mkuche, is criticizing government on corruption petty politics? How do you want Chakwera criticise this corrupt govt? Political science yanu munaphunzira kuti?

  3. is chakwera APM of thiz country?aba ndalama za ndani?.mwaxowa chochita et, deal with chapondayo en let chakwera do his part 2 critise gvt wher he c a mistake.

  4. Chakwera Has No Hand On Government Coffers! Probing Him Wil Not Bring Sanity , Or Bring Back Money Being Stolen By Bwampini, Chadinda Chaponda, Gudo Gondwe, Admarc Officials, Pliz Dont Divert Our Attention! We Know Wat We Want!

  5. Kd u political sciencest wa ameneyu nde uti? Let mc carthy probed also.u kumukaniza pachifukwa chiti? Chakwera must probed too.

  6. Eeeeetu chikakhala kwa nzako umati chigwire nyanga….when it’s happening against government you say it’s checks and balances and when it’s happening against opposition gurus you say it’s a waste of time and political witch-hunting

  7. olo ataba za ku chipani sizikugwirizana ndi yemwe akubera a malawi osauka, mangeni pita, chaponda ndi kagulu konse bwanji boma mukuliopa , mbuzi za anthu zamadzira

  8. These so called CSOs that are calling for Chakwera’s probe are doing so out of being influenced by a certain hand behind. Their ‘master’ has discovered that each passing day the writings on the wall are becoming clear and clearer. Amalawi alero where so so gate is becoming part of our culture apenya thus can’t be fooled with cheap politics as these brainwashed csos are made to believe!

  9. I said this last time though some people laughed me. There are other thinks whether positive or negative but can not change the livelihood of malawians. We keep on fighting for unproductive things. Learn to put the interest of the people first.

  10. Press conference yomwe anaitanitsa ma CSOs ena week yomweyi nkhani inali ya munthu m’modzi basi. Ndinaseka kwambiri powona leader wa press akufuna a ZBS afuse nawo mafuso koma reporter uja busy ndi zina kkkkkkkk.

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