Nine rescued from drowning ambulance


Eight nurses and a driver from Mzimba district were saved from drowning after the ambulance they were travelling in got stuck in South Rukuru River on Monday.

The accident happened on South Rukuru River on the way to Euthini from Rumphi Boma.

The sinking ambulance in Mzimba.

According to Mzimba District Health Officer, the eight nurses together with the driver were going for a funeral of their fellow nurse at Malidade in the district.

As they were crossing the river, a big wave of water found the vehicle almost three-quarters through. The driver lost control of the car and it was pushed into the river.

However, onlookers reacted quickly and they managed to rescue all the people in the car.

The district’s health office later sent a tractor to get the vehicle tied to a tree so that it should not sink into the river or to get further washed away.

Meanwhile, the district’s health office has now removed the ambulance from the river. The office has since praised God for saving the nurses.



  1. Let us praise the lord who can only save us from our problems we face all the time .Devil is a liar and he doesn’t have power on us .As long as we believe in God the Creater of everything . Let us give lord the Grory

  2. Kupusa kwinaso uku! galimoto simaphatira m’madzi ayi koma m’matope awa ndi makani a driver chabe kaya mukufuna chipepeso musaphetse anthu osalakwa chifukwa uyu si napolo ayi ndi madzi oti amabwera pang’ono pang’ono koma inu chifukwa cha makani munalolera kuti galimoto ifike pomira chonchi pakuoneka kuti wina wake amachita makani ofuna kuoloka msinje utazaza

  3. Nditha kunena pano koma mwina simuwona phone ya fb mulibe.komabe wina akuuzani zomwe ndinene nanu.mwapulumuka ndi chisomo cha ambuye chabe.mukomze moyo wanu muyambe kuyenda muchiyero.koma ngati mumuziwa kale mpulumusiyo .tingoyamika ambuye.

  4. Never ceases to amaze me that an ambulance is used transport nurses to funerals, pickup supplies, fairy people about. Yet the purpose is to be used for emergencies. Not surprising some hospitals complain of not having petrol to react to emergencies. Now the unnecessary expense of having to repair this ambulance,