SA govt told to protect migrants


Amnesty International has asked South African authorities to ensure adequate protection for all refugees and migrants living in South Africa, amid protests and xenophobic attacks in different parts of the country.

Two protests happened on Thursday in different parts of Pretoria, Atteridgeville and Mamelodi, against high inequality, poverty and unemployment in the country.

Anti xenophobia protest. (File). Image credit- News Ghana)

According to Amnesty, the situation remained tense on Thursday, with confrontations and violence occurring between the groups.

“The situation in Pretoria is precariously balanced and could easily escalate into serious violence. To avoid a bloody and wholly unnecessary conclusion to this standoff, the authorities must take all measures necessary to ensure that violence does not escalate and to facilitate the assembly of those who are demonstrating peacefully,” said Deprose Muchena, Amnesty International’s Regional Director for Southern Africa.

He added that the organisation believes that the latest spiralling of xenophobic tension is being fuelled, in part, by longstanding police and criminal justice failures, including a failure to address toxic populist rhetoric that blames and scapegoats refugees and migrants for crime, unemployment, and other social problems.

“South African authorities have largely failed to address the outbreak of xenophobic crimes that has been seen in the country since at least 2008 and bring those responsible to justice. Failure to act upon this sends a worrisome message that such acts are tolerated by the authorities.

“While respecting the freedom to express frustrations on socio-economic problems, the authorities have a duty to ensure effective strategies are in place to protect refugees, migrants and asylum seekers in South Africa against xenophobic attacks,” said Muchena.



  1. Its okay to blame south Africa about xeno4boia, but we must look back and see weakness of our country, Malawi no jobs, everything is expensive, value of our currency YOOOO!!, posachedwapa 500 ikhala chizude, while mmaiko anzathu 400 its a budget ya chakudya almost a month, NDANAMA APA!!!!????

    1. Kodi ndi a Malawi okha amapezeka mudziko la SA? Pena tisamanamizile mavuto omwe ali kumalawi misaiwale kuti amalawi sanayambe kupita Ku SA chaka chatha mm anayamba kupitako enafe tisanabadwe.

  2. We must blame our so called government of Malawi/ they dont feel bad when they see us in other countries after running away from our mother land/ the problems which they created. Corruption and they say we have a proffecor/ aproffesor is a muru.

  3. if all yuth get home wat wil hapen.xpect more criminals since ther is no jobs and poor economy.alot of yung trained skilld yuths bt no job.mmmmm

  4. Everyone is protect in South African but not the criminals who break our law.Our kids are turned into prostitution by the Nigerian.No South African citizens we come to a foreign land and open a brothel and sell drugs.

    1. We are living with millions of foreigners in South African. Some foreigners want to turn our country into a Zoo.We got so many genuine foreigners who are living in south Africa who are working for their families. But some of them their here just to commit crime. No country will allow people to do as they wish

    2. Don’t forget some of soccer players, rugby , singers, even some members of parliament are taking drugs, , we really think this drug thing will end,?

    3. But how can u catch abig fish while u a busy killing poor innocent people instead of going direct to those involved to the criminals.

    4. Matsobane Legoabe, I would expect a wise observation from you especially at your age. Don’t you ask yourself a question why it is only in South Africa where people are completely treated sub-humanely like this especially in this Southern part of Africa? Are you sure you as a South African should even have the nerve to be proud of what is happening? No! It took almost the whole world fighting alongside your country to get you people out of apartheid, and are you sure this is what you can give them back in return? Don’t you have police and immigration to handle this matter amicably? This is so sad and unfortunate and it is a disgrace to human race especially Africa and Africans

    5. It is unfortunate because some people are killed.It is only few group of minority people who want to put our country in a bad spot.Not every South African is part of the killings. I am sure the police will deal with that situation

    6. My only concern is when you say immigrants commit crimes. When it comes to drugs I am sure you have a lot of people taking drugs in SA more than most African countries that’s why people take advantage of doing that business in SA than anywhere else in Southern Africa. If many people refrain from taking drugs, most suppliers will also stop and so it will no longer be SA’s major concern. Suppliers only go to the countries where they know their product will sell. By saying that, I mean to say south africans themselves are responsible for this problem not immigrants. By the way, one can not say South Africans are so innocent that they have to completely put immigrants responsible for all the crimes. It doesn’t make sense. I have heard a lot of innocent people being attacked in SA while simply walking in the streets which doesn’t usually happen in most countries especially in Africa.

  5. You know how painful it is hearing or watching televisions seeing ur fellows being totured or killed in these so called foreign countries. But now my questuon is , Why do u do that to our brothers & sisters but stil ur brothers and sisters are also this side staying with us here in Malawi

  6. We don’t no why SA GVt is quiet on this issue! But u have foreigners S.Africans living abroad mind u we are going to attack them else u give stick punishment to ur people! U start xenophobia we kill ur people that’s deal allll

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    1. I wonder with these Southafricans the way they behave towards foreign nationals. Mind you, we are all africans no matter where one come from. An African chasing an African, so what type of game is it? Such kind of behaviour is not good and donors lose trust on them. Even their currency will end devaluating because of such behaviours. Next time this SA will be like Zimbabwe if they arent careful enough.

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