Trouble at Wizards: Yobe, Akidu quit over unpaid salaries

Wizards vs Red Lions

 …players to follow suit

After surviving relegation on the final day of last season, trouble seem to be taking its course at Premier Bet Wizards FC following the resignation of Fundi Akidu and MacDonald Yobe from the technical panel over unpaid salaries.

According to information gathered by this publication, the duo tendered in their resignation letters to the executive committee on Wednesday after going months of last season without getting paid.

Despite clinching a multi-million sponsorship deal from Premier Bet last year, Wizards players and technical panel members got nothing from the team, forcing players notably Benard Chimaimba and Isaac Mwale to stop playing for the club during the remainder of last season.

Fisd Wizards
Trouble brews in Wizards camp.

It has also been reported that several key players have agreed to quit the club in search for the green pasture as they have spend most of last season without earning anything.

However, the team’s Chairman Ophman Kondowe was quick to rubbish the reports saying the players and technical panel members were getting paid by the club.

“It’s good to sit down before rushing to the media. We have been paying the players and the technical panel members but I am very surprised to hear that they played most part of last season without getting paid”

“Peter Mponda has played football before and he knows how important it is to motivate the players so it’s not on to be spreading lies to the media,” he told one of the local radio stations.

On Wednesday, a local daily newspaper reported that Wizards owner Peter Mponda wasted no time by telling the players to leave the team if they were not happy at the club.

Wizards finished on position 13, just two point above the relegation zone.



  1. This guy(Mponda) has got a very big problem,he thinks he knows everything Thats stupid thinking and you are a fool.if you are not careful you won’t go anywhere with your coaching career.No wonder a great talent was wasted pa Limpopo pompa because of you attitude.Stupid guy!!

  2. Bro Mponda, don’t be like Jomo Sono who want to run everything alone…..look where he is now.Learn to share you gonna receive more.

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