Bumper yields for Malawi – Govt


Malawi government through the ministry of agriculture, irrigation and water development has projected bumper yields for the country in the 2016/17 farming period.

According to the Agricultural Production Estimates Survey, the country is to have bumper harvest during the current farming season.

In a statement made available to Malawi24 from the ministry signed by Principal Secretary Erica Maganga, national maize production is projected at 3,220,712 metric tons, which is 35.9 percent higher than the 2015/16 final round estimate of 2,369,493 metric tons.

Rice production is estimated to go up by 41.5 percent while production of sweet potatoes is projected to increase by 27.6 percent. Millet and sorghum production will increase by 118.6 and 79.3 percent respectively.

However, wheat production is projected to drop by 6.4 percent.

The country’s green gold, tobacco will decrease by 36.6 percent while cotton production is expected to go up by 7.6 percent.

The population of cattle has increased from 1,470,895 to 1,508,299 representing 2.5 percent increase as compared to the final round for the 2015/16 agricultural season.

The populations of goats and pigs have also increased by 5.0 percent and 14.6 percent.

Malawi’s aquaculture fish production has increased by 46.7 percent with overall fish production increasing by 10.0 percent.

The 2015/16 farming year was deemed to be a bad year as farmers got low yields a development that led to hunger in the country.

The persistent dry spells were among the reasons that led to the food insecurity in the country.

Agricultural Production Estimates Survey works to assess the country’s agricultural production to inform planning and policy direction for the nation. The survey includes all agricultural commodities, thus, crops, livestock and fisheries. The survey is conducted in three rounds every year.




  1. Mmalo moti tiwelamile kwa chauta kuti mvula imalize bwino basi busy kuyankhula zopanda mutu mumatani kodi.

  2. Strange gesture from politicians…when there is hunger due to drought, floods and other natural causes they say its not our fault. Suprisingly when we hav good rainfall and bumper harvest they stand in front of us saying ‘all harvest were as a result of there strategies’…strange!!! What about God who gave us this rainfall? What about a poor farmer who worked tirelessly in his garden. Strange country!!!…

  3. You see this ?
    We are repeating the same mistakes again! !
    Exulting ourselves instead of praising God for blessing us with the good rains! !
    Ma input anuwoo popanda mvula mukanabaya pa nthaka youmaa nkugwra ntchito? ?
    I hate it so much when politicians rush naming themselves with several names forgetting the prayers held asking God for fair rains! !
    Titame Mulungu kuti walora kut tikolore..

  4. Bwanji simumapanga project mvula isanayambe? Ife tavutika kulima inu muli busy kupanga ma projection as if kuti mmene timalima munaliko. Za ziiii

  5. I am sure these figures were worked out while seated in your offices. No body visited gardens in my area for that purpose. No wonder you create hunger in this country.

  6. Bumper Yield kt? dnt u see vibungu mmene vikudyera mmera nde muzitinamiza kt chaka chno anthu akolora zochuluka,tumizan anthu anu azaone mmene chmanga chaonongekera kuno kukaronga.Inaddtion 2 d@ mvula ikugwa az if t z imported nde anthu akolora buanj zochuluka pamene mvula ikugwa kamodz pamwez?.2 B continue…….

  7. eeee musowe kaya pano mubachyan anyani inu?zomwe chita mulungu ndzodabwsa mwazuza ntundu wantha ameneo ndimayankho ochokera kwamulungu anthu akhale ndchimanga chochulka mwna andalenu mungakhaule makamaka galu uyu..watkhaulisa kwambri kwa admark chimanga kudula ngat chambeu mwakhaula mmaona ngat mavenda atengera zainu chiolera konko chimenecho ife tkugula thumba k8000 pamene kwanuko chili pa 15000 mwagenda katauluka vmaso vinu …mbwenu

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