Zomba city council working hard to stop bushfires


The Zomba City Council has said it is working tirelessly to stop bushfires in the district’s hills and mountain.

This is according to deputy councillor for the city Davie Maunde who was speaking on Saturday after planting trees at Chipiloni hill which is in Likungwati village Traditional Authority Chikowi.

The function was organised by the Blantyre Press Club with funding from Puma Energy Malawi.

Councillor Maunde said Zomba City Council is committed to planting trees in most hills and mountains in the district with the aim of getting rid of effects of climate change which have come due to careless cutting down of trees.

As a way of making sure that planted trees are well protected, the councillor who was so thankful to Blantyre Press Club for the event said the council will be making firebreaks in most hills and mountains.

“First I would like to thank the Blantyre press club for donating trees to the city council. The council is geared to make sure that these trees survives. We will do all what we can to stop fire from destroying the trees by making firebreaks.

“The other thing which we will do is to revise bylaws of the council considering the fact that most of the people who are cutting down trees are not the ones who planted them,” said Maunde.

In a separate interview, Blantyre press club president Blessings Kanache was thankful for the funds from Puma for the job they are doing.

He said their aim in conjunction with Puma Energy Malawi is to plant over one million trees by the end of five years saying they have already planted 27,000 trees in Zomba, Machinga and Blantyre.



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  2. I hate that behaviour.. why are we thinking like animals, bushfires are contributing to adverse climate changes that is impacting our lives negatively

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