Tay Grin, KBG campaign to uplift girls


More artistic voices are raising awareness about girls’ grievances as hip-hop musicians Tay Grin and KBG have injected efforts in levelling the ground for boys and girls in the wake of increasing cases of gender inequality in Malawi.

Through HeForShe, a solidarity movement for gender equality which was launched in February 2015 by President Peter Mutharika, the rappers are making their purpose known.

KBG, real name Kelvin Gumbi expresses his voice through drawings relating to the cause, in the campaign.

The Nyau King, undoubtedly an influential figure, is there to provide the much needed inspiration to Malawi`s future leaders. This includes dishing music so as to inform, educate and entertain.

“I believe that discrimination against women and girls is wrong; that violence against them is unacceptable; and that they should have an equal access to social, political and economic opportunities. As artists we are role models and have a responsibility to use our platforms to deliver positive and encouraging messages,” says Tay Grin

As part of the initiative, Tay Grin inspired pupils at Mtakataka Primary School in Dedza last week. In the company of KBG who developed graphic illustrations, they sensitized students on gender equality within and outside schools.

The activity at Mtakataka Primary School was the first of its kind with more to follow in different school across Malawi. This is in an effort to achieve social and behaviour change among boys at primary school.

Malawi is among countries in the world with an imbalance in gender. Women empowerment is said to have taken an extra mile during former President Joyce Banda`s two year rule. However some activists are making strides to ensure there is equality.

In a country with many ethnic groups, some cultural practices are blamed for hindering girls’ progress in education. The United Nations through its different arms is striving at eradicating these detrimental practices.



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