K180, 000 barring student from completing Certificate in Journalism

Dickson Kabowa

A 23-year-old boy who is the first child in a family of 6 children to attend tertiary education in the commercial city of Blantyre is failing to complete his Certificate in Journalism studies due to poverty.

The boy, Dickson Kabowa, made it to pursue journalism studies at the Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) last year in June after getting 28 points on his Malawi School Certificate Examination of 2015.

According to Dickson, his journey from primary school to Mpemba community day secondary school has been so difficult considering the economic status of his family.

Dickson Kabowa
Dickson Kabowa in need of support to complete his studies.

The young man said in secondary school he was once on government bursary and after that he had to work for his school fees since his mother, the only parent, could not manage to source K4500 for fees per term.

“Honestly, my life has been and is being so difficult to achieve my goals on education because of the economic hardships of our family since my mother could not manage to source money for school fees. “You can also imagine that I had to go for piece work to source the fees and to feed the family in some cases a thing which has been so difficult to me as a child of the family,” worried Dickson when telling his story to Malawi24.

Where all your power, intelligence and money ends, Jesus Christ starts from that as it was the case of Dickson when he was pondering what to do after scoring 28 points in 2015 MSCE exams.

The student was told he will be helped by Chisomo Kasende who knew Dickson’s situation early 2016 when he went to work as a volunteer at the Hunger Project Malawi in Mpemba.

Kasende managed to pay K230,000 for 2016 June to December semester but now he has only paid K50,000 for 2017 January to June semester since he is no longer working and has no money to help Dickson complete his certificate studies.

Chisomo Kasende
Chisomo Kasende has been helping Dickson.

He has since asked for well-wishers to help the young man with money amounting to K180, 000 for fees on top of his K50,000 which he already paid.

“Dickson Kabowa needs help to complete his Certificate in Journalism. He is a hardworking lad who has fought for so long to attain an education despite his low financial background. He is so keen on becoming a journalist,” humbly requested Kasende told Malawi24.

Dickson who comes from Dankeni village, Mpemba in the area of Traditional Authority Nsomba, visited several offices plus the Blantyre welfare office a week ago for help but he was told they don’t help tertiary education students.

If anyone wants to support Dickson Kabowa, here are the contacts:

Dickson Kabowa – 0884434955

Chisomo Kasende – 0996 78 21 78

MIJ course manager BT campus 0888 18 85 08/0995 43 24 31

Or email Malawi24 through [email protected]



  1. If i have the 180pin i can advise thw guy not to use it to pay for certificate in journalism….let him use the 180 in other things

  2. Sono nkuluyu akufanana ndi bushiri bwanji?…musampase ndalama koma mlembeni ntchito kwinako akupitiliza school..zaulere sangalimbikire school..wina unditukwane apa ndikuloze

  3. He is not the only one.Even my nephew at Mzuni has been denied loan. He is straggling.
    He is also the first one to go that far in our family

  4. If only everyone out of the 90 people who have commented on this article contributed K2000 only, this would have been resolved by now…

    Ali ndi ma details on how to assist, share please

  5. he should just sell his testicles inorder to get the money that he needs or angopita kumudzi azikalima mbewu to sell when harvested kuti atleast azakhale ndi poyambira for i doubt it ngati pali munthu amene angamupase k180 000 flat. further more he should be greatful kuti atleast ali ndi MSCE. moreover, a malawi 24 popanga post this mumati ifeyo ndiye tili ndi ndalama? as if ifeyo tilibe mabvuto athu? PANYAPANU.

  6. Send that to major1 psb.akamuthandiza mwanawo phokosolosiri ndiwumbombo or poverty to our land.that money to other people ndizo gulira mbali yodwelapo.koma untill now not help him.#malawi24. gud for your advitersing that young guy koma kumala ndili ndivuto wumbombo basi.

  7. in a family of six children… eee… abale anawa kubeleka ngati okagulitsa… ayi ndinthu zithe izi, chifukwa mapeto ake ndi amewo

  8. Boma likhazikise thumba la pa dela la ana school, “student’s fund”. Ngati wina akufuna chithandizo azipanga apply Ku kathumbako. It’ll help alot

    1. Kuipa nkhope kapena mtima kwanga kusakutsokonezeni mitu but think and realise wat i,ve said.mbuzi zaulesi zomangopempha kukacha.

  9. Dzulo munalemba kuti boma la America lapereka 3.8 billion mk,, nde mukatiuzilenso kubomako kuti pa 3.8 billion alandilayo achotse fees ya mwanayu,yotsalayo 2017 cashgate again poti ndikhalidwe

  10. Akufuna kwabwino, timuthandize munthuyi zikafika apa ndiye kuti munthuyi school waifunitsitsa koma pogwira alibe. munthu umayamba wekha kuzithandiza kuti okuthandiza aone poyambira.

  11. Never know,after he finishes his course he will start opposing/ insurting those who assist him on media ……eish wrong carreer to get assisted

    1. Tomorrow malawi24 will indeed need him to be assisting them writing trashes and nonsensical stories as it is their tradition.

  12. anthu enanu mukuyankhula mawu achipongwe pamavuto a mnyamatayu koma titati tikufufuzeni tikhoza kupezanso kuti onyozanu ndi amene mulinso ndi mavuto ooopsa kuposa mfanayu.

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  15. pls ma COSs help the guy ndalama yomwe mukufuna kupangisa ma demo against chaponda,use that money to help the guy, mwamvaaaaa!!!!

    1. That’s true, u can’t put something into ur mouth knowing u can’t chew it. Enafenso tukanika kumaliza ma course athu nkhani za ndalama zomwezo koma timathamangathamanga pang’onopang’ono zizatheka. Atati aliyense wosowekela azipempha sipakhala chipwilikiti?

  16. That’s bad. How do we get in touch. These instutions must also be prepared to help needy students not just receiving fees. Put in place a Principal’s scholarship

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  18. The problem it’s our rules of the engagement . Can’t we give these people piece works before they finish school. Nkhalamba zili mmakampanimu phwi simungapange retire kodi

    1. Ndiwe chitsiru kwambiri, Ulibenso nzeru, kunyoza ma points a nzako as if kuti ndiwe wa nzeru bwanj? a MIJ angakhale opusa kumutenga? you stupid boy. kumaganiza mwa umunthu! wandikwiitsa kwambiri, ndinakakhala kut ndimakudziwa nkanadzakutidzimula.

    2. Kondwani ndiwe mbuzi, kkkkkkkkkk ine kukulodza aisy. Tapanga nyooooo. Joseph inbox me yo whatsapp numbr i will send u a copy of my MSCE. Ndikakuuza siukhulupilira.

    3. Pride comes before fall,do you think the gvt is useless to offer certificates to those who got 28 points and above,what have you done in life with your certificate,be wise you are just showing your foolishness here,may God open your eyes then you will know that it’s not all who were intelligent at school who succeed in life,rise and shine bro we seen educated savages you might be one of them.

    4. Pride comes before fall,do you think the gvt is useless to offer certificates to those who got 28 points and above,what have you done in life with your certificate,be wise you are just showing your foolishness here,may God open your eyes then you will know that it’s not all who were intelligent at school who succeed in life,rise and shine bro we seen educated savages you might be one of them.

  19. tangomuthandizani munthu!!mukumagulira ma galimoto azimayi oyendayenda kulephera kumuthandiza mphawi k180 ndichani?kuthandiza sikumatengera kut ulindizochuluka ai


    2. Or zitapitilira Mesa the money will still help him in other important things ku college kumakhala ma demands ambiri ofuna ndalama otherwise if yuo think mubeledwa go ku school ko basi.

  20. well wishers lets help the guy osamangonyoza apa, amalawi munakhala bwanji? @Pasadi mukatengera zimenezo simungathandize anthu. Remembr dzanja lothandiza silimadikila kulandira

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