Civil servants banned from sharing information with ACB


The Malawi government has banned its controlling officers, heads of departments and public agencies from providing the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) with information which is sensitive and constitutes government secrets.


Muhara: they should ask me first

According to a leaked letter dated 9th January, 2017 and signed by Chief Secretary to the Government Lloyd Muhara, all civil servants have been ordered to refrain from producing sensitive and secret documents for criminal proceedings.

“I write to observe that Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA) are sometimes approached by investigative and prosecuting agencies to release documents that contain information that would be used for prosecuting purposes.

“Such information is usually sensitive and constitutes government secrets including Cabinet and National Security documents,” reads the letter.

The letter has further demanded the Civil servants to get permission from the Chief Secretary on any business concerning release of such documents.

“I wish to advise that MDAs should all the times seek authority from this office for clearance before releasing the documents in compliance with provisions of the Official Secrets Act (Cap. 14 :01) and the Promissory Oaths Act (Cap. 17:01). This will ensure that secret and sensitive government information is safeguarded,” adds the letter.

This comes at a time when a commission of inquiry and the ACB are probing government’s procurement of maize from Zambia.

ACB is also investigating numerous cases related to the siphoning of money from government coffers known as cashgate and hence may need information from some government departments.




  1. The mission of a thief is to steal, kill and destroy. No wonder to come out with this directive. It time mark New York for them.

  2. Chomwe ndimadziwa ine ndichakuti Padziko lapansi pano palibe chinsinsi, ndipo mudziwe ichi kuti mukadakadakhala kuti dzikoli mudalenga ndimbavanu ayi ndithu zomwe mukunebazo zachisinsi zanuzo zidakatheka, koma inunso kukhala cholengedwa aaaaah ndithudi nyasi zanuzo nuzikauza akubanja kwanu, musamatitenge ife ngati opepela ngati inu Mwamva Agalu inu.

  3. This Is Undemocratic And Retrogressive!!! With This Development, Are We Not Reversing Decentralization? The Chief Secretary Wants To Be The Chief Secret Keeper? May Be He Doesn’t Have Much To Do!!! Why All This Panic- What Are You Hiding Against The People Who Elected This Backward Government?

  4. Which ACB is it still working they wait for some one from kk to walk on foot and report to their office that chaponda has stolen our money without that they just play bawo useless organization

  5. Instead of reforming services in gvt,we are here now busy deforming.REMBER,GOD IS SEEING OUR EVIL AGAIST HIS BELOVED MALAWIAN.

  6. He he kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ha ha ha ha ha ha eheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee no access to information, the bill was just passed to appease the opposition and Malawians. So many ways of killing a rat. One day your night shall turn to day.

  7. Ndiye mwati ATI bill was passed in Parliament? I sense kuti there will be a veto by the President, this is the writing on its walls and we should see it coming!!!!

  8. I wonder this government, is under heavy Punic, this is the sign that there so many smugglers,and thieves. They are always suspicious of themselves in every issues.. Why? The party with full old peaple can’t do Malawi because there brain think back wards.Atupele before your c v gets dirty think twice as r quiet.


  10. Muziona Analephera Kamuzu Kunamiza Dziko Kuti Chakakala Chaziya Watumizidwa Ku Maphunziro Kwa America Koma Anthu Anaziwa Kuti Zonama Ali Ku Ndende . Ambuye Yesu Atauka Boma La Ayuda Linkauza Anthu Kuti Yesu Sanauke Ophunzira Ake Anabwera Kuzamuba Koma Sanapindule Choonadi Chinaziwika Basi . Bodza Silikuthandizani nthawi ya imfa ikayandira nthenda zimachuluka mankhwalanso chifukwa chochuluka m’thupi samagwira ntchito bvomerezani mwina nthawi yanu yatha

  11. Running government is not a personal business why hiding the truth? DPP want to steal more public coffers than previous regime, l doubt if they can bring back the fallen truck to the Road with this selfishness conduct.

  12. Politics is like a see -saw. Football also. Here comes CHAKWERA, a chance for Chakweraaaa! He scores! Had they known! DPP on a counter-attack, pitala with a ball, he shoots! Over the bar!

  13. Everything still turns back to us. We gave them the power, we sharpen their teeth, we vowed them in. And you know what, when rats decided to give their crown to the cats, things like this should be expected. For God’s sake, these people don’t care about us and some of us still blindly stick to their back. I still don’t see what we are waiting for to protest peacefully for replacement of all these animals we clothed.

  14. A Muhala olo mutatelo simunabadwire ku Capital Hill olo mu office mo ndinu so olembedwa mufunse Kalonga akuwulula yakha inu nso nthawi yanu ikakwana ndi mbava zanuzo mboma muzatiwuza zomwe mukubisazo. ….Ambuye atsireni nacho chitedze mmanyumba mwawo monse ndi adzukulu awo amve kuyabwa apeleka okha information. ….Amalawi avutika long time Nazoni mbava zi amalawi tonse limodzi. …

  15. No secret under the sun. If information was readily available during Dr HK Banda, ‘what has slept there’ this time. The majority in Parliament are passing Acess To Information (ATI) bill and one with evil intentions is instructing civil servants to do the contrary. Sanity will prevail over the powers of evil, death and darkness. God save Malawi

  16. Has Malawi been declared a state of emergency? Malawi is democratic with transparency and accountability as one of it’s principles. This is what all professional thieves and failures do. Koma Dphwiphwii itionetsa zilengwalengwa.

    • A Joesephy bwanji mwayamba Kumatiuza Nokha Kuti Ndinu modzi Wa Mbavazi Tisanayambe Kukufufuzani,soory Tchelu 2019 Mkazatuluka Mpandamo,

    • A mwira let me tel u something wat ever happen today its apast,if u remember properly mcp and udf made qualliation and tel me who won ?and now u r bothering of 2019,this wil be the painful tym for mcp,the tym Bingu died ppl were happy dat dpp has died also,but look now wat made dpp to came back that secret wil take us the lead.

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