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Wandale mobilising youth to form party

Leader of People’s Land Organisation Vincent Wandale is mobilising youths from the age of 16 to join him as he contemplates forming a transformative party.

Through a post on his Facebook account, Wandale stressed that Malawi can only be saved from doom through action and not complaints.

Vincent Wandale

Wandale: mobilising youth to form party

He said people who can transform the country are the youths who happens to be majority in the country.

“Things don’t change when people complain but rather they change when we mobilise and end the complaints,” wrote Wandale.

He further reminded young people that it’s about time they took over power from old

people who have proven to be clueless on running this country.

“It’s time the youths mobilised and seized power from grandfathers. Join me to form a party, that will help change things in the country,” states part of the post.

On eligibility requirements to join the movement, Wandale urged all willing youths to send him expression of interest through his Facebook account.

He stressed that the willing youths must clearly state their age and academic qualifications.

“Students aged 16 and above are encouraged to join, since they are part of the solution for the current mess in the country,” he said.

Wandale rose to fame with his controversial tussle with government over land which he said belonged to the people of Thyolo and not foreigners.

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