Wandale mobilising youth to form party


Leader of People’s Land Organisation Vincent Wandale is mobilising youths from the age of 16 to join him as he contemplates forming a transformative party.

Through a post on his Facebook account, Wandale stressed that Malawi can only be saved from doom through action and not complaints.

Vincent Wandale

Wandale: mobilising youth to form party

He said people who can transform the country are the youths who happens to be majority in the country.

“Things don’t change when people complain but rather they change when we mobilise and end the complaints,” wrote Wandale.

He further reminded young people that it’s about time they took over power from old

people who have proven to be clueless on running this country.

“It’s time the youths mobilised and seized power from grandfathers. Join me to form a party, that will help change things in the country,” states part of the post.

On eligibility requirements to join the movement, Wandale urged all willing youths to send him expression of interest through his Facebook account.

He stressed that the willing youths must clearly state their age and academic qualifications.

“Students aged 16 and above are encouraged to join, since they are part of the solution for the current mess in the country,” he said.

Wandale rose to fame with his controversial tussle with government over land which he said belonged to the people of Thyolo and not foreigners.



  1. I think we are going too far. Joining politics at the age of 16? A good politician needs to be mature. Will they know what they are fighting for? I dont think so. let the Youth be in class and read wide so that they can be good players in future politics

  2. Do these CHILDREN have Parents & what do their Parents, Ministry responsible for Children, CSOs, International Org on Children say about recruitment of Children?. Is Wandale not becoming another Joseph Koni, Charles Taylor, Sankoh & others while the eyes that were supposed to be watchful see but prefer to ignore until things go out of hand.

  3. If Wandale’s motive is to rebuild this ruined nation, then I won’t hesitate to sign up for his agenda. Honestly, these old guards have done us more harm than good. It’s time to rise!

  4. Za chipanizo ayi tiyeni tipitirize yathu ija azungu malo alandidwe basi.Mvula yagwayi bwenzi kuli ntchito atatilemba pano angotyola tea ndi machine,kupalira akuthira mankhwala ife tilowere kuti ?Malo titenge basi

  5. Hahaàa koma zina ukamva guys kumuona munthu wake amene akuti akufuna kuyambusa chipaniyo Ali mbuuu ,akuti akufuna kukhala President kkkkkk zosekesa guys

  6. Stupid who knows him here in Thyolo atleast kamlepo is known here if u can have a thousand supporters then u say I want to become the president and our media is busy putting on air for what do research first idiots!!

  7. Ndinadziwa kuti awa akufuna kulamula dziko amakhala ngati akumenyela ufulu wa malo kkkkkkkk Malawi @ 51 zipan kuti nduuu kufuna ndalama zikaliman a Wandale palibe chimene mungapasa

  8. Youths in malawi beware politicians have already dug a pitfall to bury you.We have seen many youths dying in the name of this politicians,they want to divert your vision into political drumheads.

  9. Most of the youth went to school but they are not employed therefore,if this coming party can empower the youth economically then he is gonna form a very strong party but he should not take things only for fame because so many youth can join him except me!

  10. Its like this these hungry for power politicians need the youths to help them fight against something but when they win the youths are forgotten and dumped. Only grey haired are taken there after stop using the youths in to achieve your dreams yet there is nothing the youths get in this country. When job vacancies are released you hear we need those with 6 years experience where do you think a newly graduate will get all that experience yet our universities has practical lessons and researches. Mobilize those grey haired to help you form your party not Malawian youths greedy grey haired politicians stupid

  11. No need to form party. You can’t tell us what to do. Life is not about stupid policitics but changing ways of dealing with every days life. Youths nowadays we are not interested in politics. Please try something else.

  12. Nkhanitu ndi imeneyo achinyamata aku Mulanje, Thyolo komaso phalombe kapena kungoti Bananas and Dzinanazi republic

  13. ine anthu ngati awa ndiamene ndimafuna kugwira nawo ntchito olimba mtima amene akhoza kukwanitsa kupha munthu live ndi mpeni tingot amene akhoza kukwanitsa kupanga gulu lauchigawenga kumapha azitsigoleri aboma

  14. Why shall i put ma life at risk. Jst look at his name
    #Wandale meaning he dreams of nothng but politics. Ine ndakana. Moyo okokera omweu tikawonongere anthu ozuza matupinu. ACHINYAMATA TIDZIKALARIKIRA BWANJ

  15. why..always we #youth..seems to be good tools for you..stupid politicias.??!! or z it bcoz ur failing to make policies which can help us??? only fools wl join him.

  16. Kkkkkkk ndikanganiza mene achinyamata anaphedwera nthawiya yabingu muthalika kulilongwe ine ayi alove may life tsindingajoine mulungu amapasa olimbika dzomwe ndimapeza dzimandikwanira ndilibwe nthawi yolimbana ndi boma

  17. Good, aaah! kodi nzinthu ngati izi achita bwampinizi? Wandale usokoneze mavoti kumeneko, udzagawane ndi bwampiniyu kwinaku enawa akudutsa, iya watikwana ndi nduna yakeyi, ife tikuti NDUNA IPITE sopano iye akalesa chifukwa ninji? Mxiewww!

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