CSOs to scrutinise maizegate report


Civil Society Organization’s (CSOs) in Malawi have vowed to disclose any irregularities in a report on Zambia-Malawi maize scam which will be released by a commission of inquiry.

This follows a reaction of some sections of the society that have trashed the commission of inquiry arguing that it is not inclusive hence irregularities are expected in its report.

Speaking on the local press, executive director of Malawi Human Rights Consultative Committee (MHRCC) Robert Mkwezalamba argued that the public is likely to cast doubt on the report since the commission of inquiry is not “independent”.

Mkwezalamba further faulted President Peter Mutharika for not suspending Admarc CEO Foster Mulumbe and minister of agriculture, irrigation and water development George Chaponda arguing that they are likely to jeopardize the investigation as they still remain in their offices.


Maize saga at Admarc rages on.

He also said that the organizations will disclose any irregularity on the maize saga saying time for tolerating corruption is over. “Pali njira zambiri zophera mphaka, mutha kumuika m’thumba ndi kumumenyesa pansi, Kumudula mutu… (there are a lot of ways of killing a cat, you can put a cat in a sack and break the head, you can also cut off the head)…Nafenso tili ndi anzathu ku Zambia omwe atithandize kuulula zachinyengo mu report tikuyiyembekezayi (we have friends that will help us reveal inconsistencies in the report),” said Mkwezalamba.

The CSOs have also faulted Chaponda following his statement on the maize deal in which he claimed that he is innocent.

“Nkhuku ikamapanga matukutuku mukufuna muichose, mumaziwa kuti pasi pakepo chilipo yabisa… (When a chicken is uncomfortable to leave a place you know that it is hiding something),” he added.

Mkwezalamba has since urged citizens to have an eye on their leaders arguing that the scandal could not have been revealed if opposition parties in Zambia had remained quiet.

The Zambia, Malawi maize deal has since sparked controversy among the general public that have felt betrayed by government which set a high price for a bag of staple grains.

Some sections have argued that the hiked price was meant to cover up the borrowed money for the procurement of maize.



  1. CSOs genuinely serving interests of the people and not of themselves and a few MUST put every Accounts office under the microscope aslong as it handles or manages funds meant for the PUBLIC cos it’s only your personal business or bank account that belongs to you & not otherwise.

  2. This deal was well planned for to syphone money to be used kuchipani cha DPP no wonder president cannot fire minister and Admarc CEO. Akuopa kuyaluka… politics number 1, governance number 2… thts malawi!!