DPP accuses LL deputy mayor of betrayal: threatens to deal with her


The newly elected deputy mayor for Lilongwe City Council Juliana Kaduya is reported to have been threatened by Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials on accusations of betraying a party candidate who lost the mayoral elections.

Speaking on the local press from a place where she is hiding, Kaduya disclosed to have been receiving threats from DPP officials who accused her of aiding a win to Malawi Congress Party (MCP) councillor Desmond Bikoko.

DPP panga wielding cadets“I was called by someone from high ranking position from the region while I was in the chamber saying I should not come out, I will find people waiting for me outside,” said Kaduya.

She further expressed surprise to be accused of helping Bikoko win the polls while she is still a member for DPP.

The deputy mayor however vowed to remain a DPP member though her life is reportedly in danger.

The ruling party has since distanced itself from the accusations arguing that the party does not believe in violence.

The Lilongwe City Council mayoral polls saw Desmond Bikoko taking over from Willy Chapondera.



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      Vote rigging put them into power, till now they think they won 2014 elections.
      I appeal to you all bluntly supporters of Dead Peoples Party that you will never stop transparency in 2019, come to understanding of #DEFEAT
      Malawians are waiting who to elect.

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