Chingota re-elected as PAC chairperson

Felix Chingota

Reverend Dr Felix Chingota has been re-elected as Public Affairs Committee (PAC) chairperson.

Chingota was given a fresh mandate on Tuesday when the faith organization ushered in a new executive to lead it for the next three years.

During the PAC annual general meeting that was held in Blantyre, PAC stakeholders also re-elected Father Peter Mulomole on the position of publicity secretary with 51 votes against Sheikh Dinala Chabulika who got 19 votes.

Felix Chingota
Chingota (3rd from Right) poses with other responsibility bearers.

Chingota however got 63 votes without any member challenging him on the position. The stakeholders voted for Brother Osman Karim to be the vice of Chingota with 34 votes.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, Chingota said the stakeholders have entrusted him with the position basing on his performance for the last three years while he was on that position.

“It’s actually very humbling because this is a re-election and I will be serving for the second term, it’s an indication that the membership of PAC has been satisfied with my service during the past three years,” said Chingota.

He added that the organization is to work to its full mandate in serving the interests of Malawians and in improving their livelihood for the betterment of the country. Chingota first got into power after Reverend James Tengatenga resigned as chairperson.