Rains coexist with trouble: health expert warns of cholera outbreak

Malawi cholera.

As rains continue pouring and causing numerous casualties, a health expert has warned that the next most deadly catastrophe to result from the same might be cholera.

The Mzuzu based health professional, Adams Chirwa, said Cholera outbreaks become more common during rainy season thus people must take issues of their personal hygiene very seriously during such time.

He described Cholera as one of the deadliest diseases since it can claim lives of many people in few minutes.

Malawi cholera.
Cholera fears arise as it rains in Malawi.

“It’s of paramount importance for people to take this message seriously because Cholera is very dangerous,” he said.

Among other alternatives to avoid falling victim of the deadly disease, Chirwa cited, are washing hands after using the toilet and eating at least warm and well covered food.

“They must also take good care of their surroundings, more especially toilets. They must wash hands after changing nappies of their babies,” he added.

Earlier this year about 100 cases of Cholera were reported in the country in some districts such as Karonga, Nkhatabay and Mzimba.

About five people were reportedly dead while others were treated in hospitals.




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