‘Your degrees are fake’ – Malawi Govt. tells BIU, ABC, Exploits, MCA and others

Malawi University Exploit, BIU, MCA

The body mandated by government to look into higher education in Malawi, the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), has called out diploma mills in the country.

In a statement published today, NCHE has announced that it has not accredited some institutions of higher learning owing to their failure to meet conditions.

Malawi University Exploit, BIU, MCA
Exploit University giving out fake degrees

According to the statement, NCHE conducted a review of the institutions and the Programmes that they offer before coming up with a decision.

In its decision, the Council has decided not to accredit the Blantyre International University, African Bible College, Exploits University, Malawi College of Accountancy and the Columbia Commonwealth University.

Meanwhile the African University of Guidance Counseling and Youth Development has been deregistered following the exercise.

The Council has also refused to accredit Masters Programs and a PhD Program at the Catholic university.

A few days ago, a bogus university ranking saw BIU ranked as the number one university in Malawi.



  1. Mukhalira yomweyo!!!!!!! Mmene munapitila ku UNIMA mpaka ID kupanga expire! Hahahaahahaha.. Zaka 7 koma umayenera kukhalako Zaka 4

  2. Don’t down play UNIMA because you didn’t make it. What you should be doing here is presenting good points to defend your papers. Good spoken English is not one of the points though because a lot of factors affects mastering a second language. All of you who are against UNIMA you you failed to make it. I am sure you would have enjoyed being one of us.

  3. Esau manje prine @keep your pride at a low key, positivity is needed,MCA owned by the government not accreditated by the government, that’s contradicting students been schooling for 4 good yrs after it was accredited now the same guys come and say it’s not accreditated were do we go,?, Unima poly busy using mca cafeteria n call mca fake why not urs theirs??ma hostel kununkha kwakeko mca too tidy, my suspicion is niggaz mad coz mca refused joint departmentalization of commerce, Unima not good as it claims,Nche needs to be examined it’s full of crap

  4. This is the one way NCHE sources its revenue. Wait for 3 or 4 months to come all of the colleges mentioned will be accredited . Besides, NCHE assesses the credibility of a college when the college has a good financial status.

  5. Whether private or public it doesn’t matter as far as you are favoured by God iAm a living testimony from my primary xool I attended a FP school then to DEC then went to private college for PAec then exploits university and I have worked with a couple companies including audit films now working with NGO holding a big position when heaven is opened for you it will pick you wherever you are for bigger miracles check your relationship with God and stop relying on your own strength you will be stressed and defeated Depend on God

  6. Lmao! Denial yamadolo ili serious. school yofika 4th yr koma ma subject a first year unalakwa lakwa. UNIMA kulibe mbwelera zimenezo!! Confiscate those fake degrees please

  7. Ndichifukwa chake enafe tikulolera kungokilina muma offices Pano pa Joni bola ka Rand kazitipeza ngakhale computer programming timaiziwa, chifukwa choti ayamba kumakaikira maphunziro apa Malawipo.

  8. As far as I can see, Malawi now has finished, because of corruption, now is even in the classes, So how it’ll gonna be…….

  9. I for one i have alot of examples of private university graduates who display miserable standards of perfomance. kukanika kulemba report…and for your own infor these guys ambiri are working in gvt! so dont be surprised when u hear of a series of substandard output from gvt! its shame! mayeso kumangouzirana…kulemberana kumene….imagine munthu kumapezeka ndi mayeso! aboma ingotsekana zimenezi !!

  10. Mmmmmh the only way to keep the masses imprisoned is by denying them the education they require. Step one build government universities step 2 make sure they barely function Step 3. Get rid of all competition …..


  11. NCHE has done a very good Job.we deserve standard Degrees and Diplomas,but i would want if ,NCHE will indeed patronise the service of this colleges and unirvesities inorder to achieve excellence.BUT in other ways it means akufuna kutseka mwayi wa privates kuti atikakamize kukagela ku UNIMA ,,tizikamaliza ger tili azibambo,titatengaso matenda komko.Just chek in bas ,,otherwise skyway unirvesity in Blantyre even or atangoyitseka ,environment yawo siyabho

  12. Am a product of African Bible College. I shortlist, interview and employ some of the graduates from UNIMA. Butbsome of these graduates….eeeeee…their Cvz, Grammar, Presentation… May God help us…a degree doesn’t matter really, what matters is the one holding it. It’s like a Driving license, it can’t actually drive, the holder can…

  13. Koma guys nkhani ya ma Universities ndi ma College ikukhuzana bwanji ndiife atumbuka? God will put you to shame with that kind of tribalistic attitude.

  14. Problem Ndiamene Anayambitsa Maphuziro,coz Sanakufotokozereni Kut Maphuziro Ndichan,that Y We Are Failing To Dvelop Our Country Malawi,ine Kusilira Generation Ya Nowa Kkk..

  15. Problem Ndiamene Anayambitsa Maphuziro,coz Sanakufotokozereni Kut Maphuziro Ndichan,that Y We Are Failing To Dvelop Our Country Malawi,ine Kusilira Generation Ya Nowa Kkk..

  16. Problem Ndiamene Anayambitsa Maphuziro,coz Sanakufotokozereni Kut Maphuziro Ndichan,that Y We Are Failing To Dvelop Our Country Malawi,ine Kusilira Generation Ya Nowa Kkk..

  17. Problem Ndiamene Anayambitsa Maphuziro,coz Sanakufotokozereni Kut Maphuziro Ndichan,that Y We Are Failing To Dvelop Our Country Malawi,ine Kusilira Generation Ya Nowa Kkk

  18. Ndipo Kuonjezera Apo ABC yokha nde simungamake afanda mukunana kumadzaphunzira azungu ambiri ochoka kunja komwe mumapita kukatenga ma degree ko comparing to any college here in malawi,and ABC yasula iconic people just to mention two late mayeso chirwa and chakunyanya harawa currently working at BBC kapena mwina aku unima ali ku accounts ku BBC sitiwamva…a unima paper abroad is like jce!! koma ya pa ABC AH INUUU! pa sudan pompa apa kaya kwa america nanji vep chimodzimodzi…and amene mumakamba zimenezi mumakhala kape achabechabe…aku college of medicine yet ndi amzeru koma sakamba nawo zimenezi!! alekele abwampini aphunzira ka sukulu kapamtengo,ku dec opita atadya zigege,kukhozaso 32points!! muti chani kwenikweni!

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  20. there no enough space.. fund and Academic resources to accommodete evryone qaulified and willing to get high education from public UNIVERSITIES….. … if a student goes for higher education from private institutions they spend money and intellect time just as those in Public UNIVERSITIES… the issue are INDUSTRIAL capacity,,, EMPLOYMENT availabilty…. FAMILY background… and STUDENT personal willingness and interest including management on academic affaires..!! Well wats the purpose of ACADEMIC DEgree…….. ( Maybe we should introduce ma COLLEGE INDUstrial SOCIETIES for focus, guidance and seriousness…..


  22. Nche! I Got An Assignment For You..Review All The Papers Of The Head Chancellor Of Unima And If You Find All from unima then do claim that!! ok?
    amatichulukira ndi matama amalawi ndi umbuli kusayenda ndi kumasiyanitsa education standards tilinawo ku malawi kuno..and if unima papers are original why do some of them do go abroad for further studies?? siamadziwa kuti ndi mbuli! ine ine ndinakumana ndi munthu wochokera ku unima [email protected] time dziko lina akukapanga another degree same field…sikudana ndi opita ku university of malawi,but just thank God U Have An Opportunity To Get There Enieni Amakanika With good points enanu mumapita coz of corruption so stop this nonsense atakhala maiko ngati achina kenya,uganda,zimbabwe azitero koma enafe tilibe ndi zipatala zomwe pa campus or even desirable sports ground nde muziti chani? munakali ndi manthongo travel..and c the world..idiots!!


  24. You the so called government if you know that these private colleges or universities are not capable to offer good papers then take ALL the students from them ( i mean close all private colleges and universities ) and give them (students) apropiet degrees and diplomas that are qualified from your on and off institutions

  25. If the National Council for High Education is even failing to write proper English..do we have any hope left in the standards of education in this country? “The Council did not accredited…”x 4 in just one press release??? Ambuye atithandize

  26. UNIMA ndi dzina lokha ikanakhala miyambo yamakolo bwezi ili “FISI kapena kulowa kufa” Tikungoyenela kuyithetsa!!!

    There is no way Gvt university ingakanike kupezeka pa top 100. SHAME

  27. Malawi @ 51, always back tracking… when will Malawians grow and be responsible.

  28. NCHE lacks experience in their work and professionalism in presenting their results.
    How can they claim that university is not accredited yet they previously accredited the same university.? Cant they see that they are contradicting themselves?
    An Example of Exploits university which they previously accredited with part of its programs, today they tell us its not accredited. Is the accreditation process an annual thing that this year you get accredited and next year you are not? Please NCHE wake up, don’t confuse Malawians. It you say one program at the university is not accredited we will understand, but not the whole college. Be consistent. Once you accredit a college that is forever, just work on monitoring that they are complying. Be professional please.

  29. Vuto mwatenga atumbuka mkuwaika mu NCHE. Sakumva bwino adabwa kuti mitundu inayi ikuphunzira. Zokhala university ma building zi mwina bwana kunja simunayende… A NCHE be serious dont confuse ppo.. Munaika nokha list ya ma private univ mu news. Musasinthe lero. Akusumilanitu.. Ngakhale ife ndi public koma tisaname ma priv asintha kachitidwe ka zinthu. ODL anayamba ndiiwo mwakopera kugona..

  30. Malawians as usual, failing to Comprehend a simple piece of information. And again depending on social media as a source of our arguments is fatal. Since you are all intellectuals I believe you do understand this lexicon “SOME” as it helps in avoiding Fallacious reasoning. Some degrees offered by these very same institutions have been approved while some requires the schools to fulfill some regulations before they can be approved. But since we enjoy arguing trivial subjects, I rest my case.

  31. It looks like there is educational monopoly in Malawi. How can MCA can be deregistered?

  32. This corrupt NCHE wants the institutions pay them handsomely so that they can be accredited.

    Why not focus their energy on revamping UNIMA’s decaying & outdated education system

    1. I choose to differ!!! If all these guys wanted was money, am sure most institutions would have covered that cost than be embarrassed as such.. Maybe partially, not completely. These guys do their work!!!

    2. Its not that easy to corrupt most over educated people especially those that know all the procedures even of your own work. They would rather draw the battle line even if they had the money required of them.

  33. Malawians remember the time private secondary schools were rolling out there was alot of saying look now where are govt secondary schools. ………privates are taking over



    This is total bullshit, NCHE are full of corruption. If you find the reasons they are giving for not accrediting some of this schools museka and understand kuti this people ARE FULL OF SHIT AND CASH GATE SIZATHA KU MALAWI

  35. Each And Every Year,thousands And thousands Of People Akumakhoza Mayeso A Form 4,tidziti Onsewa Angapeze Malo Opita Mu Unima,

  36. Every School is granted aLicence,Where was the #NCHE before to come with this silly Issue? Let me asssure my fellow Malawians [email protected] Apaper on its self Can’t work. we are in adeadly black outs,Has any graduate dicided of implementing Wind mills as #WILLIAM-KAMKWAMBA who change the Life of Wimbe Village???? Anthu Omvetsa chisoni nd Manyazi.

  37. it was not long ago when I was reading news paper when this NCHE people where listing down collages and universities that were accredited including the ones mentioned above…nde pano muti chani????…why is yhe government trying to confuse the public.ndiposo zima university zawozo zimangokhalila ma strike and all pano munatseka tseka mufunano muyambane ndi ma private mufunadi anthu amphunzire koma kapena mufuna dzikolidzadze ndi mbuli zokhazokha…mxwiewww

    1. I second you cc….we must pray hard our nation anthem coz mdani wina wazikoli ndi NSANJE. nde zomwe nduonazi a malawi akaona wina progressing koma kuika chiphazi iiiih! !!

  38. So why do you allow the institutions to be running. People are wasting their money in these universities. If they are really not meeting the requirements then shut them down now. Don’t post in newspapers go and physically shut them down because there are people there wasting time and money in these universities.

  39. What NCHE has done is good for private universties becouse some ladies were victimes of circumstances, some slept with the lectures to be given a credit. Its a pity to see many ladies go out with degrees than men. Fake Universités.

    1. Thats a generalization or in other words sweeping statement chief Willy Zindondo. I don’t agree with you much of the sleeping part. Where doesnt that happen? Hahahahaha

    2. Msiska Zocheza pa social media lam just joking. But why did they close these Universties Chrispine any other reasons? They have killed the future of our kids. Chacco, Bunda, Poly and Mzuni are not enough for our population.

      1. MCA ndi Dhilu!!!
        Osamaphweketsa! NCHE even failed to write proper English amvekere “DID NOT ACCREDITED”

  40. Was surprised for a long time that govt was not reigning on these universities. Seen people move from no diploma , degree within short time diploma, degree to Phd within shortest span of time and employed in reputable organizations, co’s. Ask these people to drop those Phd titles from their names and quash those fake diplomas and degrees otherwise it makes no difference.

  41. Chinyumba chikangogonela bas ati ndi university office kukhala ku Bafa or powotchelapo chips chapa chiwaya akangosiyapo basi ati atsegulapo university kkk degree yotenga 1wk koma pa m-dubs timabelana masanasana bwanji

  42. NCHE should not be afraid of competition from private universities. In a country where merit is not the system at play for public universities, private universities offer the much needed relief. Employing machinery to stifle that relief is unGodly.

  43. Ku Offfice kwathu (m’boma) ndiye ali mbweee analembedwa ngati a MSCE koma. Pano anatulutsa ma Deploma awo mkumakavutsa ku Admini. Kuti iwowo ndima Graduates kkkkkkkoma!!! Akuti akhale ma supt.

  44. no guys the private universties and colleges allegedly thy are not accredited which means that the council of tertial education of malawi does not recognise the diplomas and degrees that these institutions offer but the education that these institutions off is not fake. All what these institutions need to do is to follow the procedure and be accredited thats it

  45. Thatx the reason why we Africans we r failing tu develop. instead ov this so called NCHE tu find the technical knw how on how tu improve the level ov tertiary education in Malawi they r busy publicising that these private unniv. they r givin fake degrees…

    Ok this so called Polytechnic .. How many engineerz has it produced so far??…. but the country is still trapantantly experiencin water shortages and frequently blackouts…. tizit iwowo samapeleka ma fake degrees??


  46. a company wher am working,my work mate hav a master degree in accountance,bt we ar same rank us engeneer yet i hav advance diploma from private institution,bt he obtained it at UNIMA.HEHEHEHE

  47. It means ABC also offers fake degrees? Chakuchanya Harawa is a graduate from ABC, why his degree was recognised by BBC? when does it start to offer so called fake degrees?

  48. Those who did not go to UNIMA have all reasons to talk trash. We understand you abale kulephera nkowawa. Even the reporter who carried this article is fake and I have reasons to ascertain he also belongs to the myriad fake. Thumbs up NCHE!!! How about sky way? Was it left out by mistake or next assessment! Expose these fake institutions. UNIMA WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!!

  49. U out of your mind!Am at PACT college studying HRM(ABE)now level 5.But I’ve realized my potential hence achieved my goal.Am beating dem doz ho r called to have calibers of MG institutional degrees. Zawunikeni bongo langa and refer it to the ABE DIPLOMA IVE & SEE IF THERE IS ANY FAKE KNOWLEDGE IN ME!!!GOD SHOULD FORGIVE U PPL!!!!

  50. So why private schools or universities are expensive than unima? And why you have limited places in unima while you know very well that quality education will lead our nation to success

  51. this is sensetional reporting. reading the press release the NCHE did not condemn these institutions rather they advised them to consider the reworking on the accreditation requirements. thts where we’ve standards. the institutions passed the first step of registration. its the same wth hotel grading, when they giv 2stars to a hotel it doesn’t mean it will remain if it meets the standards of 4star. there is hope

    1. ABC has not been uncredited on the same level as the other colleges. ABC has been asked to fulfil certain condition in some of their courses. The learning environment is otherwise best.

  52. Kkk awky, bt those frm unima wen comin to perfom ön th actual ground z zero o evn in secondary xulz they r just boostn thmselve. Ask MCA,SKYWAYS, cathorc unvsty’s jxt mention few u wil shock.

    1. You are right! Ku UNIMA/LUANAR it’s theory theory theory and theory! No wonder anthu amakapanga under perform! Even their system yosankhila to be academicians imakhala yosankha omwe ali royal kwa iwowo even though akhoza ukhala mbuli! UNIMA/LUANAR are in chaos ! Don’t know ma private institutions

  53. How come? Some of these Private Colleges they offer Exams from the international boards like ABE, SIPS etc, they don’t form exams own their own just like what UNIMA does, a Degree from Unima doesn’t recognised in most countries, its a degree locally, but internationally its a useless paper. If you want a degree in Unima, just make a good relationship with a lecture, he / she can just give it to you as a gift!

    1. They have only singled out degrees offered by the institutions. Not the other qualifications like diplomas and certificates. Those by international examining bodies are still recognised

    2. @Robert, ofcoz, iam a victim of quotor system, but what iam telling you now its true, and not all the people who went through the corrodorz of UNIMA went there with good points, others their money took them there!

    3. There is agraduate i know from unima.. Sometimes i tend to wonder how she survived the so called tough academic life there. She fails to speak good english. Infact even you fellow graduants cannot associate yourselves with her. Koma matama

    4. Zalephapenia Johnstone my dear. You don’t grade people’s academic level by speaking English. Have you had a chance to check her written English?

    5. @Violet Pasca, check UNIMA on World ranking? U will be disapointed, ABC is on good position than UNIMA, ABC is much better than UNIMA, and somebody who hold a diploma in accounts from MCA is much better than somebody who hold a degree in the same programe of accounts from UNIMA!

    6. But the same pipo who have done diploma in accounting at MCA are being admitted at UNIMA bachelor of accountancy as mature 3rd year students! Which paper is superior betwn the two?

    7. Aaa UNIMA siyinama?What do you mean? If UNIMA is a STAR how come that during job interviews individuals from UNIMA are outclassed by those from PVT ‘varsities?And Y many of them are just rotting instead of being innovative to make ends meet?And Y do they go abroad for Masters degrees?Coz going abroad is worse than attending Malawi’s Pvt ‘varsities.

    8. its better to have a fake degree and somehow land in an occupation or business in which you studied than to have a “real” degree in environmental sciences and find yourself doing a teachers profession.

  54. Owoo!! Njalayi Nkhani yake ndi za fake zomwezi basi. President, nduna, ma MP… Zonse fake zokhazokha. Ngakhale njalayi ndiya fake basi, chifukwa Ndalama boma lili nazo koma akuta dala kusagula, kuti zikwaniritsidwe pa fakepo.
    Ngakhale K2.000 ikufuna kutulutsidwa ndi fake nsotu basi.
    Chilichonse Pano ndi fake, za original zinatha basi.
    Ndikhulupilira zamveka, ndiphike nsima ndidye ndi nkhuku za fake zi.

  55. Zinaz zkunyanya, degree kumatengedwa in 6months? Komaso munthuyo amapita mmaweekends,,,,, aaaaa…..


  57. What I would have loved to be done by this so called NICHE was to assist these private universities to improve their short falls. Our public universities can not accommodate every one that’s why people resort of enrolling into private universities. My failed to secure a place with 19 points while her cousin got a place with 26 points so you want to tell us that the public universities are better than private universities?

    1. If they both applied for the same course that would make more sense. Koma UNIMA amatengela if the subjects you passed well tally with your choice of degree.

    2. Bwana Phiri am not saying 19 points are good points but I mean kumusiya ndikutenga Wa 25. Mwina chizungu changa ndichokhothyoka ine ku university kwanuko sindinapondeko but am working

    3. Paja inu munakhoza 6 points ndikukapanga engineering nde musanyoze anzanu sikuti mu class mwanu munalibe amene muawaposa ma points koma amakuposani

    4. I don’t support ua idea.U don’t compromise quality coz of quantity.it’s best to have few well trained graduates than to have a bunch of graduates who weren’t properly trained.

    1. Man UNIMA has been offering quality education for so many years. UNIMA has produced so many people now holding key positions both in public and private sectos , talk about polticians, economists, doctors just to mention but a few they all graduates of UNIMA so I think its rediculus to say that UNIMA is fake

    2. Unima is fake for real,all those u hv mentioned its true but it has failed to produce enough graduates who hv gone on to make notable changes in Malawi.the degree is fake

    1. Hahahaha truth hurts man and I think those who failed to succeed after being selected to any constiuent college of UNIMA are the sons and daughters of these stupid good for nothing arrogant bastards politicians who went there through corrupt means but I don’t think someone who went there using his or brain can fail.

    2. Gone are the days unima graduate amapasidwa ulemu..masiku ano kupita ku interview ndi graduate yo..wa diploma kutengedwa, wapepala ya unimayo kusiidwa..mufuna kukamba chani a Esau apa..zozizila basiiii..tinzeluto azingoyenda nato akupelepeseka basi..hahaha..

    3. You want to tell me that kwanu kulibe mbuli. Nonse munapita Ku University osalankhula motumbwa ngati munapezako mwai opita ku university mungoyamika ambuye

  58. What about those degrees offered outside Malawi?Are they genuine ?!We have been hearing about pple getting degrees,masters even Phds?Amakhaladi oona ???

    1. Amakhala kuti ziko limenerolo anaphunzila munthuko…. The university is recognized by such bodies in their countries….. So yes my brother

  59. Bullshit! @ NCHE. mwasowa chochita eti!.. mpakananso m.c.a imapanga offer fake degrees…hmmmmm.. tiuzeni mwapanga chani chimene chakupangitsani kuti munene ma above unirv’s & colle’s kuti amapereka ma degree a fake…..

  60. No these universities have good programs…..where are we going to get Bsc in pornography??? No accredit them plz….ma clip asowatu!!

  61. Oh! Fake peter, is afake chancellor of fake unima,that teach fake graduates muthu degree mpaka 8years no matter engeneer wapa poly amangofotokoza but failing to work nayeso petuloyo akut nd professor koma zochitika zamzi where is the original?

  62. Government is failing to provide universities each n every district to improve education at district level now u blaming institutions that help those isolated students after ur quota system is done selecting only few students the rest are crying to have tertiary education n shift their mind to the institutions at dilemma situation n u come with jealous upon them selfish with full of corruption in ur medulla oblangata

  63. it doesn’t matter if someone obtained a degree from UNIMA or private universities , degree is degree but a problem with Malawians is that they think that they are stars if they have a degree from UNIMA but they fail to develop the country with their experience

    1. Malawi is failing to develop because of these arrogant good for nothing Bastards politicians not because of poor graduates from UNIMA.

    2. Ndimene nanu mukuwonera and kupita kuma private universities sichitathauza kuti munthu anakhoza 40 points ngambirimbiri anakhoza bwino kusiyidwa ndi UNIMA kukayamba ma private colleges

    3. Am from SHAREWORLD,am happily employed and my performance is jus super at work as compared to someone from UNIMA who i even wonder as to how got the so called degree,and especially ana a masiku anowa ndiye hiiii can not be shaken.

    4. Unima has also failed the required standard that’s why sanayikepo kuwopa kuyiyalusa, the board is biased, chanco inakana kuti ayipange assess why?

    5. Hahahaha. Kunena chilungamo guys munayambira kupanga apply UNIMA nde anakusiyani… nde munayamba kupita ku Share world etc…Who doesn’t hope for UNIMA? Chilungamo nchowawa. And don’t conclude kuti UNIMA produces trash. No way. College yantundu wanji yophunzitsa weekend and giving a degree in the end? Hahaha. Well… ine ndinagela ku UNIMA…aliponso wina ati mfwee? Lol

    6. While the UNIMA graduates are jobless some of the so called pvt University graduates have very good jobs….ku UNIMA kungakwane anthu angati??

    7. Osamanama si onse amapita ku UNIMA ali madolo heavy ndinawonapo angapo titalemba nawo ma entrance atatengedwa ndima 30 something kusiyana anthu oyenelera ngati munatengedwa ndi UNIMA ingothokozani chisamakhale chifukwa chomapangira insult anthu omwe akumapita kuma Private Universities

    8. Unimanso nayo imapanga offer za weekend mbali ya HRM. Komano izi sizachilendo kunja anayamba kalekale. ODL kuno inachedwa chifukwa chatulo la council ya unima

    9. Nde ufufuze kuti anthu amene ali maudindo kapena olemera ndi aku UNIMA okha? zinazi osamangonena kuti tikudziweni nde olo anthu onse atakhoza bwino kwambiri akakwanilako ku UNIMA? mungoti ma private universities azikhala ovomerezedwa bwino ndi boma osamangoyambisa ma College chisawawa

    10. ABC isakhale mu gulu la ma fake chifukwa imene ija ndi yakale komanso kulimaphunziro amphamvu ngati mwatengera ndale zikhale choncho koma ngati on merit ? mmmmh! ABC ai musaizonde

  64. It’s only Sky Ways University which offers original degrees osati mapwefu pwefu enawa hiyayi! Two weeks amvekele basi tikuninkhani nayo digiri, fokofu!

  65. So the question is what will become of the individuals who obtained degrees from the aforementioned colleges….This is very bad and unheard of…….

  66. Are those Universities fake too?or the education they offer is fake?lot of people who graduated from our constituent colleges working in different govt departments are failing this country,cashgating and all..
    does that tell the govt that chanco is not fake?what contribution can we point one thing coming from the brains educated in these univerities other than donors because Malawi is now one of the poorest countries on the world.what are they doing?


  68. Thats Sabotage,unheardof, unbecoming And An Act Of Cowardice Governed By Timidity If Such Remarks Are Coming From The Dwindled Malawi Govt Because It Is The Govt And It’s Public Universities That Have Given Malawians A Rawdeal. Search Me, The Malawi Polytechnic,mzuni, Must, College Of Health Sciences And Others Are Closed On Trivial Matters. This Govt Has No Aorta For Higher Education But I See A Paradise Of Academicians In Private Universities And They Are More Than A Complementary Effort To Me. All Said, We have had enough of such raw deals and govt should close all public unima colleges and private universities will carter for us. what is NCHE doing? mad with quarter system. I Rest My Case. Kkkk.

  69. Thats Sabotage,unheardof, unbecoming And An Act Of Cowardice Governed By Timidity If Such Remarks Are Coming From The Dwindled Malawi Govt Because It Is The Govt And It’s Public Universities That Have Given Malawians A Rawdeal. Search Me, The Malawi Polytechnic,mzuni, Must, College Of Health Sciences And Others Are Closed On Trivial Matters. This Govt Has No Aorta For Higher Education But I See A Paradise Of Academicians In Private Universities And They Are More Than A Complementary Effort To Me. All Said, We have had enough of such raw deals and govt should close all public unima colleges and private universities will carter for us. what is NCHE doing? mad with quarter system. I Rest My Case. Kkkk.

  70. Pansi shop yamwenye mwamba office yomwe akuti classroom, room ina Good Fellas bar kungatuluke degree yamtundu wanji? Be serious guys with your called Colleges! Thumbs UP NCHE!

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