17 November 2016 Last updated at: 4:29 PM

‘Your degrees are fake’ – Malawi Govt. tells BIU, ABC, Exploits, MCA and others

The body mandated by government to look into higher education in Malawi, the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), has called out diploma mills in the country.

In a statement published today, NCHE has announced that it has not accredited some institutions of higher learning owing to their failure to meet conditions.

Malawi University Exploit, BIU, MCA

Exploit University giving out fake degrees

According to the statement, NCHE conducted a review of the institutions and the Programmes that they offer before coming up with a decision.

In its decision, the Council has decided not to accredit the Blantyre International University, African Bible College, Exploits University, Malawi College of Accountancy and the Columbia Commonwealth University.

Meanwhile the African University of Guidance Counseling and Youth Development has been deregistered following the exercise.

The Council has also refused to accredit Masters Programs and a PhD Program at the Catholic university.

A few days ago, a bogus university ranking saw BIU ranked as the number one university in Malawi.

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