A crime suspect escapes from Police custody while handcuffed


…Police under fire for negligence

Malawi Police officers Police in Nsanje district have come under fire for what is believed to be a plot to let a suspect escape a cell in handcuffs at Tengani Police Unit, Malawi24 can report.

The suspect, Brave Steven aged 22, escaped the cell on Saturday, November 5.

He was in the cell on the charge of burglary and theft in the area of Senior Chief Tengani in the district.

Broken-HandcuffsAccording to eye witness,the police officers at the station engaged in a conversation immediately they allowed the suspect to enter into the toilet to relieve a situation which created room for him to run away.

“I was coming from the bus depot passing the police station before I saw someone running at a very high speed from the toilet while in handcuff.The man has been a threat to residents as late last year he had been arrested, imprisoned for three months and released over the same charge”,said the witness.

When contacted by Malawi24 to comment on the matter,Tengani police unit Officer-In-Charge,Surgeant Francis Mkandawire,acknowledges the escape of the suspect but again blames the Chairperson for Community Policing in the area of Senior Chief Tengani,Mr George Theka for negligence.

Mkandawire said if Mr Theka had guarded the thief in the toilet,he would have not escaped.

“I was also performing my work in the office. The suspect was under Mr Theka’s guard and I don’t know what has happened to him to let the suspect escape”,querried Mkandawire.

According to police report,this is the fifth time since December 2015 that handcuffed suspects have been escaping a lawful custody at Tengani police.

Meanwhile,police have launched a manhunt to the suspect.



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