Wandale to register political party in Malawi


President of People’s Land Organization (PLO) Vincent Wandale has vowed to register a new political party which will compete in the 2019 polls.

The PLO president made the remarks on Tuesday after a court in Thyolo handed him a suspended sentence.

Wandale said the party will be called People’s Land Party (PLP), after his organization.

“We will very shortly register a party called People’s Land Party which aims at giving people ownership of land and people will choose their leaders,” said Wandale.

Vincent Wandale

Vincent Wandale: Wants to have his own political party.

He then faulted the DPP government led by Peter Mutharika for failing to fulfill promises made before the 2014 tripartite elections. He continued by saying that Mutharika won those polls because people had hope that by putting him in power, they will get back their land from foreign companies.

On his conviction, Wandale said he was not disappointed with the ruling but he claimed that he will appeal the case to the International Criminal Court.

“We are going to appeal to get the true justice on the matter.Am very confident that everything will be good because I am still head of state no matter what we are less people and we are going to have a referendum to prove whether I am guilty or not,” he said.

After the ruling, Wandale’s lawyer Michael Goba Chipeta argued that the sentence had errors hence the decision to appeal to the high court.

Chipeta added that the state lacked evidence that Wandale committed offenses of misdemeanor, unauthorised use of land, and criminal trespass.

Wandale was arrested two months ago for mobilizing locals from Mulanje and Thyolo to share land that belongs to Conforzi tea estate in Thyolo.

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