Up and coming Gospel artists laments over sponsorship

Steve Makupe

One of the up and coming Gospel artist in the country Steve Makupe has lamented over lack of sponsorship saying it is making it hard for them to go far with their music careers.

Speaking to Malawi24, Makupe said the most challenging issue for up and coming gospel in the country is lack of money which make them not to blow in the industry.

Steve Makupe
Steve Makupe cries out for sponsorship.

”The most challenging issue is sponsorship. Most up coming Gospel artists do lack finances to cater for every detail of music production,” said Makupe.

He added that another challenge is that some established gospel artist lack love for up and coming Gospel artists but claim they sing for Yahweh.

According to Makupe, other gospel artists look down on those who are just coming in, which is bringing down most new gospel artists.

The 20 year-old said he started in January 2014 singing secular music but in 2015 he realised that the best is to sing for God and win souls through music.

With 10 songs so far, Makupe dreams big as he wants to win more souls to Christ through his music.

Inspired by Nthambi, Pro litto, Suffix just to mention a few, he is thinking of releasing two videos mid November and has already released one video titled ‘Yesu ndi Dhilu’.

He advised those who wants to join the industry to put God first and everything will work out for their good.



  1. Simbali yanu za mulungu sumapepha pepha kwa iye atsegula dzitseko dzonse dziwa anthu amabwezelesa mbuyo gwada pasi ndikumupepha yemwe anakupasa luso dzonsetu ali nazo panja

  2. “Nditakutumani opanda kamba ndi ndalama munasowa kanthu kodi?..”

    Ophunzira adayankha kuti: “Ayi”

    ndipo Yesu anawauza: “Pitani kalalikireni uthenga wa Mulungu”

    These Gospel artists should not rush in lamenting for lack of sponsorship but their focus should be on spreading the gospel not making money.

    Here I rest my case

    1. Akulu tawawunikirani anthu akuti aMulungu alero wa,mau aMulungu siopezera chuma ayi koma anthu alero mukufuna kuposa zomwe Bible likukamba,lalikani nkuyimba mphoto ilipo kumwamba musadyeretu zanu pansi pano

    2. Ndizoond ngat mukufuna kumapanga ndalama ndkuimbakwanuko bola muziimba za gulewamkulu osat zamulungu,mudavapo kut yesu amalipilitsa ulaliki wake? Pezan chochta china izizi mukungodzkalasila makala amoto

  3. Vuto lomayamba uli m’maluzi.Thawi ya moyo wodalila inatha….We sponsor Football not Music.So If Music Is Ur Gift then zikuyendelani.But if its zoyimba zoti ena anaimba kale U better think twice…

  4. Starting music while u dnt hav capital expecting donors to pump in their money into someones’ business. Thts nt MALAWI.

  5. Steven Makupe, he was my class mate at Chichiri Primary School, his mother was also our teacher there, I remember very well Steve used to sing on the assembly that. He is really talented, the likes of Macruther Mambala, we were together at Chichiri Primary School, they used to sing for us that time!

  6. mr makupe mudayamba kuyimba nokha siife amene tidakuuzani nde that issue it sound abit nonsense to mi tikuthandizeni pambuyo muzatiyimbe nyimbo mwakhaula man

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  8. tell dem (up coming artists) to go to major wani, hope will offer dem help en he has been helping a lot of people here in nyasaland.#makupe stop crying

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