4 November 2016 Last updated at: 5:23 PM

20 Mozambicans, 2 Chinese arrested for encroaching into a Malawian national park

Close to 20 Mozambican Nationals are in police custody at Chikwawa police station for allegedly encroaching into in the district. They were arrested on Thursday.

Chikwawa Police Station Publicist,Sub-Inspector Mark Munama confirmed the arrest of the 20 when speaking with Malawi24.

cuffsAccording to Sub-Inspector Munama,the Mozambican nationals were arrested alongside 2 Chinese nationals and 6 Malawians who were cutting down Mopane tree species in the national park.

Munama told this publication that the security personnel in the district have impounded 6 tractors,3 motorbikes, a 100 toner track and 2 pick-ups which the suspects used.

“I can confirm to you that police here in Chikwawa have arrested 20 Mozambican nationals,6 Malawians and 2 Chinese and are in our custody. What happened is that these suspects between Tuesday and Wednesday this week were found in Lengwe National park cutting down Mopane trees,and upon being tipped by the game rangers,we rushed to the scene and found the suspects already detained by some Game Rangers.

“They were found with 6 tractors which they wanted to use when ferrying the tree species, a 100 tone lorry, 3 motorbikes and 2 pick-up vehicles,” narrated Munama.

Meanwhile as the suspects expect to appear before court soon, Police in Chikwawa have tightened security at Lengwe National Park and have urged the communities around the national park to inform the police whenever they come across new faces in the protected area.

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