3 November 2016 Last updated at: 10:55 AM

South Africa’s plans to ban left hand vehicles worry Malawian Cross-Border operators

Road Transport Operators Association (RTOA) have pleaded with Malawi Government to lobby with South African Government on the decision to have all the Left Hand Vehicles (LHV) banned in their country.

This follows a decision by South Africa to start restricting or importation of left hand vehicles in the country.

This decision forced RTOA to have an interface meeting with the Malawi Chamber of Commerce and Industry last month where Government officials were also in attendance.


Local transporters cry foul. (Google image)

During the meeting, RTOA Chief Executive Officer Chrissy Flao urged Malawi Government to intervene saying banning of Left Hand Vehicles will push local transporters out of business.

“South Africa is to completely ban the use of Left Hand Vehicles and this will definitely force us out of business. We are pleading with our Government to intervene by lobbying their counterparts to consider extending a six months period for those who are already processing the purchase of such vehicles after which a ban should be posted for importation and let those who already have to continue running their vehicles until they are grounded,” she said.

And speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Transport and Public Works, Principal Economist in the ministry Chimwemwe Kaunda promised the local transporters that government will try it’s level best to lobby South African government on the matter.

In many countries, LHV have been banned, with South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Rwanda all coming up with laws restricting the use of said vehicles.

In Malawi, many transporters have plenty of left hand vehicles and if the ban is imposed, lot’s of workers risk losing their jobs as many trucks operate in the said countries.

The left hand vehicles are being banned for safety concerns.

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