New boss at FAM: Alfred Gunda takes over from Suzgo Nyirenda as CEO

Suzgo Nyirenda

The former Northern Region Football Association (NRFA) General Secretary has been recommended by the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) executive members to succeed the outgoing General Secretary Suzgo Nyirenda who has been appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Council for Southern Africa Football Association (Cosafa).

According to information sourced by this publication, FAM executive members had a meeting in Mzuzu last week where they recommended Alfred Gunda, who is currently serving as Senior Administration Registrar for Mzuzu University, to take over from Nyirenda.

Suzgo Nyirenda
Suzgo Nyirenda heading out of FAM

Nyirenda, whose contract with the association was due to expire next year, is the first Malawian to attain the highest office at Cosafa.

Earlier this year, Nyirenda was appointed to be among the match coordinators at the 2016 Cosafa tournament which took place between June 11 and 25 in Namibia.

He was also appointed as one of the scrutinizers for the world football governing body FIFA elections in Zurich, Switzerland in February this year.

Gunda will start working for the association in January next year, with Nyirenda departing for South Africa on 28th November this year.

During his tenure as NRFA General Secretary, Gunda faced a lot of criticism when squabbles rocked the association over the way the executive committee favored Mzuni FC prior to the team’s promotion in 2015.

However, his credentials have been recommended by the Fa as an ideal person to move the football forward at the Mpira Village.



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    1. Is there a problem if he is capable?? Southern region again is ruling this country , did northeners complain?? What is your problem here Mr??

    1. Being from Mzuzu doesn’t mean you are Tumbuka. mukuyankhula ngati mbuli bwanji, Gunda is not a Tumbuka. But even if so, ngati ali ndikuthekera pali Vuto. Don’t hate other tribes for no proper reasons. There is a lot that Tumbukas are doing zoti zikubweretsa pride to the nation and I can’t be here mentioning one by one. We are all Malawians

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  3. Don’t worry achewa In north we don’t have such surname(GUNDA) coz ndikutukwana,,,,,, ayenera kukhala mchewa amaneyo anangochita mwayi kukhala mu Northern Region Football Association….

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  5. ITS too much guyz come on please I feel ashamed , are tumbukaz the only ones who know how to manage those positions???

  6. is what we are wait for in football sports what about nyamilandu apita kuti ee , mwina ufike pachimake mpila pamalawi pano.

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