Man arrested for kidnaping child


A 60 year-old man is in Chikhwawa Police custody after he was caught abducting a two year-old girl on Sunday.

Police in the district have identified the suspect as Fraction Kathumba.

The law enforcers said Kathumba snatched the child in the early hours of Sunday when she was sleeping with her parents outside their household due to the current hot weather.

crime (2)Fortunately the child cried and the screams woke neighbors who caught the suspect and reported the issue to police.

Kathumba who comes from Nkhondoyalero village in the area of Traditional Authority Makhuwira in Chikhwawa district will appear before court soon to answer charges of abduction.

Meanwhile police have asked the public at large to be alert all the times especially when sleeping with children outside their houses.

According to the police, this is the second case of abduction they have registered in the district over the past two weeks.

The law enforcers have however claimed that they are doing all they can to provide security to people in the district.

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