Milk thieves slapped with five years


The Blantyre first grade magistrate court has sentenced three men to five years imprisonment with hard labour for stealing from Suncrest Limited.

The three convicts, Maxwell Tiyesi, 28, Grey Wangasa, 21, and Solomon Kaunga aged 23 were arrested for stealing Suncrest milk and juice early last week.

Arrested.State prosecutor Damiano Kapata told the court that the three used a minibus registration number NU 5518 to carry the stolen milk and juice but they were spotted by the police who were patrolling the area.

In mitigation, the convicts pleaded for lenient punishment arguing that they look after old parents, relatives, and children.

However Magistrate Kondwani Chinangwa sentenced the three to 60 months each in prison.

Tiyesi comes from Kuwela village Tradition Authority (TA) Changata in Thyolo district, Wangasa is from Chief Nsomba area in Blantyre while hails from Sawali village, TA Nsamala in Balaka district.



  1. Malawi24, you only wanted to raise debate i know. But the truth of the matter is that the thieves have not been yet sentenced as the police is still investigating the matter, if am mistaken then sorry for the wrong post, but thats what i heard the police saying on MBC tv yesterday.

  2. FIVE yrs yaphweka eti ?? kuba mbuzi 5yrs ; ndalama zaboma 5yrs ; kugwilira 5yrs ; KUNYERA PA TCHIRE 5yrs ; kkkkkkkkk Boma ilooooo

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  5. A court mulibe manyazi ndithu mukamanga anthu aba zakudya zoti thupi linenepe kutinso apeze moyo!bwanji simukumanga anthu aja anaba ndalama zija ku capital hill!koma pano mukukhala busy ndikumanga anthu ena komanso kuzenga timilandu tosadziwika bwino!ndithu ndinu anthu omvetsa chisoni kwambiri zedi!kapena mukuopa kuwamanga anthu oba ndalamawa?kapena mukuwaopa?

  6. Zina ukanva kuchitisa chidwi oba cash get kuwakhululukila opa nzawo albino 3yrs aaaa AMbuye tiyang’anileni tonse

  7. Where is justince there?…..those who stole our money in Capital Hill were just given 3 years, yet billions were stolen there with many people who were and who holds high positions in goverment, and somebody very poor out there is going to prison for 5 years just because of milk, common milk hahaha, and those who were arrested with the case of killing people with abinism they were just given 2 years imprisoment, where is justince there? So is it wrong for us to take those laws in our own hands?…..goverment is failing to show us the justince!

  8. Mmayi uja anapezeka olakwa mu cashgate (namathelenga or watevr kaya) kutuluka before a year akut amaonetsa khalidwe labwino. ….Dziko lalowa usilu #hashtag_ndinamva_kanyamakazi_pang’ono.

  9. And someone steals millions of taxpayers’ money, all they get is 3 years and as if thats not enough mockery on the face of poor would-be beneficiaries in those remote health centres in Mchinji, the thief is pardoned serving barely half of this already laughable punishment! God’s watching.

  10. Kkkkkk ndipo dzakazo zachepa zikadakhala or 50 ala! Amzawo akuba ma million iwo busy kuba mkaka? Very good court anyozetsa ntchito za wanthu akulu akulu ngat achina lutepo ndi amzake

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