Three year-old girl killed in fire accident

Fire Malawi
Fire Malawi
Fire (Library image)

A three year-old girl has died after a kitchen she was in accidentally caught fire. Deputy public relations officer for Kasungu police Harry Namwaza Police identified the child as Charity Banda and said the incident happened on Friday.

“It is alleged that on the material day at around 2pm the mother of the deceased was together with the deceased cooking some food in the grass thatched kitchen,” Namwaza explained .

According to him, after some time, the mother went out of the kitchen and the child was left alone in it.

That was when the grass thatched structure caught fire, burning to death the little girl.

Postmortem results showed that the child died due to suffocation and severe burns. The deceased hailed from Malo village , Traditional Authority Santhe in Kasungu district .



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