Five years only for men who wanted to sell their nephews at K300,000


A court in Mchinji district has sentenced two men to five years imprisonment for attempting to sell their two nephews.

CourtThe two cousins, Yesaya Etifala and Ackim James, last week approached a businessman in the district and offered to sell him their two nephews aged four and five at K300, 000.

The offer shocked the businessman and he reported the issue to police who cornered and arrested the men before they had a chance to kidnap the kids.

In court, the two men were found guilty of buying or disposing of a person as slave which is contrary to Section 267 of the penal code

State prosecutor Gerald Ngoma asked the court for stiff punishment saying that the convicts are married and have children but opted to sell their nephews whilst leaving their children safer.

His Worship Governor Chiipanthenga then sentenced the two to five years imprisonment with hard labour.

Both convicts hail from Lameck village, Traditional Authority Nkanda in Mchinji.




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  2. kugona ndi mwana 10yrs in prisonment kugulitsa ana awiri 5yrs yokha, kusonyeza kt kugulitsa munthu nzako simulandu oopsa titero?

  3. Constitution ammendment must b done ogulisa,kupha kapena kuzembesa munthu AZIPHEDWA @ a very spot.

  4. AMalawi tipindulanji pa izi? just think if it were ur children hw could u feel, hearing dat sombdy is selling ur children? uwu ndi ufiti. Mthaweni satan & adzakuthawani ndipo yandikilani kwa Mulungu mwini moyo & adzayandikira kwa inu.

  5. Zachisoni Ku Malawi pepani kwambiri eni ake aana, Kusonyeza kuti Aku ministry of human & Justice there is nothing,to talk about how big this criminality was & just charged only 5years. I’m so sorry. Nzowopsa kwambiri cifukwa or kuli njala sitingayambe kugulitsa anti, kuti tipeze zosowa pamoyo wathu kumeneko ndikupha kumene.

  6. anthu anatopa nalo dziko mmene amawawira malo amene aja atani kuyesela kusemphana nayo njala nanga pali chimene akuchita apm ntchito mkungolonjeza “nobody can die with hunger ” mbuzi yopanda mmano mkamwa

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