18 October 2016 Last updated at: 8:14 AM

Alcohol continues claiming lives in Malawi

Two people have died in Chikhwawa for drinking alcohol on an empty stomach, Malawi24 has learnt.


Mowa usaletsedwe ku Malawi.

The two have been identified as Wyson Phokonyo, 30, from Ntwana village and Martin Mafunga, 29, from Chadula village in Traditional Authority Mlola in Chikhwawa.

According to Chikhwawa police, the two started drinking on 15th October 2016 as part of Mother’s day celebrations.

But the following day one of them was found dead at his house while the other died at Chikhwawa district hospital where he was taken for treatment.

Recently, a woman and a man from Balaka and Mangochi respectively also died due to drinking beer without eating food.

Drug Fight Malawi, an organisation that fight drug and substance abuse, has in the past been asking government to introduce regulations that would curb excessive beer drinking.

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