Blantyre treats Skeffa Chimoto to a warm welcome

Skeffa Chimoto

Premier Lodge in Chileka, Blantyre was on Sunday filled to capacity during a live performance of Skeffa Chimoto and the Real Sounds Band in a show that marked the afro sounds star’s return to the city.

Timothy Adrian Chikoti
Timothy Adrian Chikoti poses with Skeffa Chimoto.

People from all walks of Blantyre flocked to the lodge to witness the occasion as they continued celebrating mother’s day which falls on 15th October.

Patrons were given no reason to regret spending their money on buying tickets since the event lived up to expectation.

According to information provided to this publication, Premier Lodge recorded the highest number of patrons during a music event. From the beginning to the end of the show, the crowd remained huge.

In an interview with Malawi24, Chief Executive Officer for Cream Company which organised the event, Timothy Adrian Chikoti extended his vote of thanks to people for attending in huge numbers.

“We thank everyone who attended for the support and all partners for the hard work they render to this country. I also thank the Lord for doing the mighty work,” he said.

The show started at 3PM on 16th October and overflowed to the other day, October 17.

Electricity shortage hit Chileka on the day of the show but that did not affect the proceedings as a generator was used for power for some part of the concert.

“We played the concert on generator up to 9 but everything went well, there was no harm at the show,” said the Chikoti.



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