30 September 2016 Last updated at: 6:27 AM

Mutharika’s government ‘worst ever’

Firebrand activist John Kapito has branded the President Peter Mutharika administration as the worst ever government Malawi has ever had for its failure to find solutions to numerous challenges rocking the country.

Chief among the challenges, which have frustrated many Malawians, are the constant blackouts Malawians are experiencing.

Peter Mutharika

Mutharika: ‘Malawi’s worst leader’

Blackouts have been a challenge in Malawi for many years but they have reached an unprecedented levels over the past few months with many areas connected to the national grid not having power for over 12 hours a day.

Government and Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) officials have explained that the current electricity problems are due to low water levels on Lake Malawi which are making the electricity supplier not to generate enough electrical power.

Still, the numerous hours of blackouts have led to frustrations among Malawians and Kapito was unbridled in his criticism of government when he took to Facebook on Thursday.

He wrote: “Massive blackouts indeed!!! But we still losing a lot of Kwachas paying engineers at Polytechnic Simungapeze njira pilizi [can’t you find solutions to the electricity problems] Boma lawola ili [this government is rotten] worst government I have seen in my life.”

Government officials were not immediately available for comment but the Mutharika administration has looked to focus on the long term when dealing with the issue of blackouts in the country.

One of the solutions Mutharika’s government has implemented is the unbundling of Escom into four companies in order to bring more investors into the energy sector and end the state corporation’s monopoly.

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  • Bwana akulamililidwa ndiwa vepi pamalawi,za m’bible ixi ndaona.Tinavotera ndife koma safuna kuva zamomwe ife tufunila chituko chanthu koma yah.Ife tufuna chakudya,magec axiyaka thru out the week osazima etc koma wavepi akukatenge ma gey kkkkkkk chitukuko chaku USA

  • Peter don’t care about Malawians ,he is busy eating our money in America while many Malawians r going to bed hungry ,we don’t have gud politicians who can take us forward

  • John Kampito Is Foolish,nothing To Trust Him

  • I am against that how can he be the worst president no big no the worst was Kamudzu who was killing anyone against him during his regime not Peter but what I am seeing now in Malawi is power hungry from anyone , mind you we don’t vote because one is talking alot no or being a leader of powerful organization no so stop being politicizing anything Peter is goood to me the problem is economy crisis which hit the world not only Malawi listen to Jon now students are marching in street for fees up so who are we here

  • We’re watching 2019,all those ministers,mps along with President no vote for them,we need new blood,especially young politicians to take Over

  • Malawi has now bcom funny country across the universe

  • Paul Gausi says:

    Musiyeni mnzanu akudwala please kkkkk.

  • Paul Gausi says:

    Musiyeni mnzanu akudwala please kkkkk.

  • The problem is that Malawi is now infested with corrupt people. The organs we think will protect our nation are full of corruption. Police, ACB, the Judiciary, the Executive are all full of corruption. Kulibe kothawira. There is total lawlessness and disorder in this country. Everyone is doing their things in any way they want . They don’t fear anyone. Eeeeesh!

  • Kikikikikikikikikikik

  • Kodi ku cama udindo wanu ndiwamuyaya?

  • Mr Kapito you are the worst critic of them all. Empty vessels make the most noise.

  • Kuphuzila ndi kusogolera two thing different. …peter mmmm

  • Bwampini doesn’t have an idea what government is

  • ine ndi ma mukondade peter ndipo sindingasithe mukamba mutopa

  • wachepa nazo mdala uyu.sangakwanitse kulamulira malawi.utsogoleri owupeza just because a brother was a presdent,stupid!!!!!.ngati zakukanikani nanga bwanji osasamba mmanja anzanu ayeseko?.this presdent is just waistin our time as malawians.maiko a nzathu are doing better now.awa akula akalamba za malawi alibe nazo ntchito.stupid!!!!!!!!.!!!.

  • Kkkkkk a DJ koma eeeeee dpp yolephera woooooooyeeeeeeee!! ” shame “

  • Awa nde mau kapito

  • hv bin hearng of the same word….but wht do about it? Or rather do expect new born babie frm #maternity to come and impitch em?

  • Busy blaming leaderships when you can’t run your own life and families

  • This is just the begin I have been in this world for 33 years I experience a lot in life bro and sister and I have never ever heard pipo akuti panopa dzithu zikuyenda kuyambira thawi yamakolo anga amanena kuti bola kale leroso Ife tikuti bola bola kale and I know things will get worst day by day a till we return from were we belong in short this the sign of the time never blame anyone ingakhale iweyo amend umanganidzir atakhala president yo zitati zatheka lero nothing will not change only we can just change the name of the leader

  • It was not for man to direct his fellow man that’s why things are getting worse and worse.Kapito should know this.I for my part Iwould request you to accept that the world is under the Devil and turn to God’s kingdom which will bring everlasting peace to the entire world.Koma za anthuzi mmmmh mukungotaya nthawi yanutu apa ganizani ngati anthu anzeru.

  • Dzikoli talikanika kulisamalila tonkha mmmm bas tingopangisapo rent anawa.

  • OK ndava Kapito.

  • There will be no longer a better Malawi even if you( Kapito) be a President of Malawi today. The world is from good and is heading to more hardships than ever before

    • poor thinking my friend bwanji Bingu anasintha zinthu mukanthawi kochepa.. skut pot kapeyu walephera ndekut aliyese sangakwanise mayaz and m’mene walankhuliramu t shows dat wat u knw z clappin hands for others iweyo peter ukumuona dolo kwambiri?

    • Madala wanena mzanuyi ndizoona;the world is under the Devil and nobody can change it even the so called Kapito they r just waisting their time.It’s high time we should accept God’s kingdom to rule us.Za anthu ayi ndithu tikungotaya nthawi apa ganizani bwino manu ngati mumakhulupirira Bible werengani Yeremia 10:23.

    • Sure Zikufunika anthu Opa Mulungu izi! kkk!

    • Nonsenu mwanena zoona unlike you D J Wa Kuphunda

    • sometimes anthu ena amangokhala mudziko osamaona zapasongolo nde a dj wo muwa khululukire sakuziwa chomwe ali.

    • Nthawi zina mavuto akakuchulukila umafika pozolowela ndikumati moyo Ndi chontcho mavuto Samantha koma amapepuka Ndi zeru khulupililani Malawi adzasintha anthu plus atsogoleri akadzayamba kuganiza za mawa lero Aliyese akupanga za banja lake mmalo mothandizana kutukula dziko li tonse Kapoto is not a crazy and I totally second him now I agree leadership is not only having good papers from school amene adzakhalepo munthu yu atatilandila ambuye adzaona Malawi a kusintha, uyu si Malawi ndikumudziwa Ine even 10 yrs ago

    • Why is it that our neighbours are making progress? God loves everbody mukamati Mulungu alamulile mumatanthauzanji? Theocracy? Does it mean kuti maiko akuchita bwinowa Mulungu ndiye amene akulamulila?

    • ndizoona dziko lapansi lafika povuta, komabe mtsogoleri wathuyi akupangitsa kt dziko lathu livutike kwambri kusiyana ndi maiko onse, imagin magetsi akuzima dairy madzi sakutulukaaaa koma palibe chimene akupanga kufuna kuthana ndi vutoli

    • ndizoona dziko lapansi lafika povuta, komabe mtsogoleri wathuyi akupangitsa kt dziko lathu livutike kwambri kusiyana ndi maiko onse, imagin magetsi akuzima dairy madzi sakutulukaaaa koma palibe chimene akupanga kufuna kuthana ndi vutoli

    • Kungoti ziko lomwe likutukuka limatukuka mbali zonse kuthupi ndi kuuzimu komwe

  • This Is What Malawians Had Voted For. Dr Muluzi Said That The Big Problem Malawians Have;is Forgetness.

  • Kkkkkkk if malawian can understand the characteristics of good leadership during voting therefore our country will change

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  • john kapito is light Malawi has never ever had a failiar president like pitala ever this guy is useless

  • Mwina akumvana poti mwayankhula ndinu bambo Kapita ife tikhala tikuyimba nyimboyi kwa nthawi yayitali kuti ada awa dziko aliyika pamoto ili basi iwowo akuti ndindale ayiwala kuti ife ndi amene tinatukula chipani cha DPP povotera majority a Dr Bingu Wamtharika. koma ada wa wokha ayi palibe or chimodzi kuli bwino National Exucative ikhale pansi isankhe candidate wodziwa mavuto aku Malawi

  • Mmaso mwako Kapito, chanzeru chanji chimene umapanga pa Malawi pano apart from kusokosera?

  • kapito ndi Galu….

  • kapito ndi Galu…. alibe nzeru

  • Solution just kill him the way you killed his brother ,mkatelo mwasova chifukwa payekha sangachoke

  • bola mkulu wake uja awa ndiye sanabadwe ndi utsogoleri anayenera kukhala ongophunzitsa osati Head chifukwa mulibe utsogoleri mthupi mwake, ngakhale ndunazi zimadziwa kuti Bwanawa ndiye mmmh pali vuto ,koma sangamudzudzule nanga siBwana azingosolora

  • To say about electricity even in rsa got problems but no one point finger to president ihear what minister of mines say that the problem is about share river and you are all witness on it lets look forward instead of pointing fingers climate change affect alot of departments let us all joining hands for prayers

    • hehehe which RSA experiences 17 hours of blackouts? haahahahahahahahahaaa

    • More than that my dear iwas in cape town were you there during zenophobia 2015

    • Iwe o4yila eti I was there since 2010 up to 2015 koma zopusazi cnnaoneko RSA yake yiti

    • Eskom had a loadshedding schedule,you could go on the internet and check what time and how long will the power be off in your area…osati zopanda dongosolozo.And that is a thing of the past chifukwa boma linakhonza zolakwikazo

    • Which capetown ?umazaoda ma blankets iwe no power stress in joweni

    • Guys there,Bwerelaniko muzaone kuno…mukundimvetsa kuwawa mayankhulidwe anu…KUNO MAGETSI AMAZIMA DAILY 4:00am m’bandakucha masana onsewa blackout ndiye amadzayakanso 12:00 Tikugona…Ana ang’ono kuno sadziwa kuti ayaka nthawi zanji komanso athima nthawi zanji..You guys panopa ndikulemba pano ndiozima phone ndachota kutchaja pa solar…mmm ndili ndi zaka 29 panopa koma izizi ndiye zachilendo mmoyo wanga..COME and WITNESS IT YOURSELF..u will never see light
      Ndipo ndizopatsa manyazi kwa alendo amene timakhala nawo mdziko lathuli ngat ma ambassadors…WE THANK GOD COS SAMATIZIMOTSIRA DZUWA

  • Yes nobody is perfect koma zikakuvuta its better to speak it out kuti ena athandizepo than kumazunza mtundu wa anthu osalakwa, yes running a government is a serious business kodi iyeyo tinene kuti sankaziwa zimenezi? Avoid tolerating nonsense in the name of understanding otherwise we will stay in darkness forever

  • Heaven is my only hope 4 malawi future

  • bolaso mbuli zijatu apa ophuzila alephelatu apa

  • mmmm no where to run and we had no option,,,,,, let’s just keep praying so that our God must do as a favour to take him( Peter mas 4 his beloved brother)..If not mmm mpaka mpaka

  • Ku Malawi kuli chinthu chofana ndimunthu chimene chili president wathu eish………….. A Malawi kusazindikira zoona kusankhira dala mmaona ngati chizakuthandizani

  • May be it is as he is calling him to be. But in my view of things when kapito would given chance he kapito himself worst than muntharika

  • Zonsezi ndi a court anamupasa pitala u presindent usiku chilichonse cha mmundima chimakhala chocho tizavutika paka.2019 kulingana ndi lammulo lathu lalikulu.

  • Munangodetsa chala chanu povota kufera u proffessor koma zoti ku malawi kulibe proffessor ndakhulupilira

  • He has failed but to mr kapito u have seen that u are bankrupt so u want to be silenced with someething

  • Yes, the WORST government ever under this pitala munthalika…a so called ” Ndata Professor “…..

  • Good or bad,and how can we deal with bad?…gues buy doing good

  • Dats a gud observation Mr Kapito bt for me I noticed this the very first 100 days of rule and the Titanic is still sinking. watchout b4 we all go underwaters. Mind u our 4riends up zea hav life jackets they won’t sink with us they’ll run away, eeeeish! Heaven is da only HOPE

  • peter anamwalira nzeru

  • ulamulire iwe wabwino tione,u think running the government is some thing easy.

  • your strategy will not work mr K mwaiwerengera patali game knowing that ma boards are expiring and you want to make noise to gain sympathy or what? Penapake tamayamikani Peter akuyetsetsa uyu

  • Kodi simunga malembeko nkhani zina president watani, zomwe mumachita kuno sizomwe amachita maiko ena zambia economy yawo anskonza koma inu iiii


  • Tsankho a Malawi ali wachigawo china bwezi mutayamba kale maukutuku,tiyeni nazo!

  • To My Side Im Deeply Shoked Bcz This Government Fails To Fill Vacant Posts In Diferent Departments. U Can Imagine Intake Ya Police Ija. We Did Both Interviews. Ku Training Anapita Ndi Ena. To Me I Dont Get Benefit With Ur Civil Service Reform. I As A Victim Reporting.

  • Pitala what he knows s full of empty promises, eee tired with him, itakhara mbewu bola kukazinga kukaitaya madzi.

  • Even APM himself knows that he has miserably failed to run this government but all Malawians are happy & satisfied with him thats why nobody is taking action against him.

  • This President never won the elections,that’s why he don’t have tangible plans to tackle the problems we are facing in the country.

  • No wonder,because this President never won the elections, that’s why he does not have the continje

  • #Kodi_mtsogoleri_wabwino_adzapezaka_liti_?? kodi atati akusiireni mungathe kueyendetsa dzikoli,popeza akakhala Kamuzu Banda,Bakili Muluzi,Bingu Wamunthalika,& JB(amayi) osewa zidawavuta so,what’s wrong with #APM_

  • Kkkkkkkl.so what ?

  • If Peter Mutharika and his cabinet were employees in my company i could have fired them long time ago for failing to turn around things.Malawi looks like a make shift shelter in comparison to other African countries who are developing rapidly due to implementation of their sound national development plans.
    Malawian leaders dont feel jealousy of beautiful infrastructures they see when they visit other countries who are serious about developing their countries and their people.
    How do they feel when they depart state of the art foreign airports and arrive in their own Chileka or KIA which are old fashioned and a National Shame!
    Corruption is killing the economy and Mutharika as the CEO of my Country is just watching the looters getting away with it,protecting the 7 and participating in devouring our hard earned economy and foreign donations with impunity.
    Why should Malawi remain poor just because people we intrusted to care for our well being are deeply sleeping and mismanaging the country.
    Anyone who cant deliver in their posts the world over GETS THE BOOT!What is so special with these failures?

    • iwe ngati ukuwaziwa omwe akupanga corruption wo osakawaneneza bwanj?? mesa iye pano ali open kunena momveka bwino kuti ngati uli nd mayina upitise

    • Uli mtulo iwe,umachidziwa chitukuko cha dziko koma?Umadziwa m’mene corruption imawonongera chuma cha dziko chomwe chikanatukula abale ako aja.Anthu ngati inu ndi amene maso anu anatsekeka ndi ku supporter andale mosaganizira zinthu zomwe akuwononga.ACB ili m’manja mwa anthu a ndale akubawa.Anthu okonda dziko lawo amazudzula zolakwika ngakhale akubawo ali a chipani chawo..

    • Mr Natty,UA ignorant

    • true dat mr,this never grewup in malawiamoto and he don’t care about our country, we employed him and its we who can give him a boot, let’s work together as malawiamotoans to take him out,#mulungu dalitsani malawi

  • Malawi Sizasintha, Chifukwa Timavotera Munthu Chifukwa Ali Ndi Chuma Mbiri Or Ndiwophunzira,chosecho Munthu Alibe Umunthu Samva Za Anthu, Akamva Za Anthu Ndiyekuti Amvelako George Chaponda,Patricia Kaliati Ndi Nicolas Dausi Chifukwa Ndi Mbuzi Zinzake, Zopusa Basiii Anthuwa Afiti Enieni(satanism).

  • he is not ahuman being

  • Who will be the good president in malawi?all of them are the same

  • Peter mutharika is a dull professor who does not know anything about leadership. He does not know that the solution to end the blackouts is to stay in one house and serve the billions of money that the govt spends on state houses and use that money to purchase new equipment to add to the already existing electronic equipment that escom has. We have got more falls in this country apart fro. Nkula, we have falls in Zomba and in nyika plateau. But as l already said peter mutharika is a dull professor.

    • Indeed Muthalika professor is the dull, duller and dullest leader in Africa…he is America on prolonged trip spending K30,000 per week but he will not bring even a single investor to invest in Malawi. Mmmm mtchona style of thinking !!

    • kungoti vuto ndi mabungwe athu ndipo inakwana nthawi yoti apresident aumilizidwe kuti asiye udindo ngati sapeza njira zochepetsera mavuto amene ali muno ,koma amatha kulankhula bax kukhala ngati akuimira anthu osauka kuli koti nawonso chiaBanz chili kukamwa

    • Kkkk anthu otiamanyemerana money amabungwe angatanipo,koma chachikulu kutengera maiko anammene amachitila zikanyasa

    • Ok..Chimene simukuyenera kuyiwala nchakuti dziko lapansi muli mdyerekezi amene afuna kulamulira dziko,Tsono ndiye mudzaone pamene dziko sikuyenda bwino,kapena kuti tsogoleri wake ndiosokonekera,Amabungwe salankhula kanthu chifukwa chani,chifukwa iwo ajanso ndiwotsogoleredwa ndizakumidima so amangozisiya kuti anthu azivutika asaone ubwino waMulungu..Koma pamene pali mtsogoleri wamasphenya abwino,amabungwe amadzuka kukhalangati akufuna kukonza koma akufuna kusokoneza..see apapa palibe wamabungwe angayime mkutsutsa..

      Komano ngat tikufuna kusintha zinthu ndife eniake amalawi amene timamva kuwawa…Kulimba mtima Lets shed oir blood ngati mene anzathu amachitira ndukuuzani olo panopa anthu atati apange protest against govt,apolice sangatiwononge chifukwa olo iwowo nawonso akumva kuwawa..palibe department imene ikukambako zabwino za boma ili..

      But what, we cant do that,why? Amalawi ambiri koma kungolamkhula pa fb basi,amene tikuzindikirafe lets not jst voice out but act out..

      Ndikunene izi pazifukwa choti tidzamenyera ufulu wa m’badwa wa ana athu akubwerawoo..

  • DPP ndi peter muthalika Analephera, mukulephera ndipo mudzalephera.

  • And We Also Hv The Worst And Useless Opposition Ever Had Serve For Kamlepo Kaluwa,that Is Why The Ruling Regime Is Sleeping While Things Are Getting Worse By Each Passing Day!

  • A professor aja ndamenewa

  • Dziko lingathe kutukuka bwino pokhapokha aliyense in 2019 asadzavote,,this will be a transparent hint for everyone’s tiresome expectations to meet unfulfilled promises leaders make,,,lets try that en see the results in 2019,,oh shame Malawi

  • It is shame for mr kapito to blame the dpp gouernment while he is sailing in the same boat.

  • Anthuenawa or mukamawachula kuti atsogoleli mumangolakwila mulungu chifukwa akamati mtsogoli kapena kuti mtumiki amkalandiulemu komaso manyazi ndichisoni banjalose la Amutharika ndilotayika sindikudziwa kuti Kaya analeledwabwanji kayandindani amawalelao Kaya?????????????

  • Akapito chokani.apa nawe ndiye ungakonze zinthu mbavanso ngati iwe.Unayamba wagawapo chakudya utamva anthu akuvutika ndi njala.Ukufuna umunamize ndani nawe uzapange kampeni 2019 tizaone ngati anthu azakuvotere,zankutu basi

  • I agree with Enock Nkhamoza KA Phiri

  • There’ll be no any better party to rule the gvmnt. They are all greedy selfish. And that is the reason of joining politics nowadays. Its a half way same like joining illuminate. kkkk

    • Thats true and there will be nobody who can bring peace but only the responsible Jesus Christ because he is the one choosen by Jehova himself.

  • No-one will be good ever to anyone….
    Jst work hard and pray for our daily food…Kapito eat from politics….He can say what ever he want.

  • kapito is just another hypocrite ,

  • Who was good?and who will be good in Malawi? As far as leadership is concern?coz all of before dyela lokhalokha nd where we r going ndi kufunafunanso posolola ,so can we say Zizakhala Better?

  • Well well well i could have understood Kapito 100% if he had resigned from his position as a Blantyre water Board chair to symbolise his frustration, but he is still there. He is not helping the water board either. Therefore, i consider him part of the Dpp problem.

  • Its More True Mr #kapito N Dis Rulling Party Is Full Of Educated Savanges

  • otsutsa nanu ndi ntchito yanu kutukula dziko lathu kuloza dzala boma lolamula zikuti bwezeletsa mbuyo

    • Don’t blame opposition, umati azitani? Does pitala listen? After all, he is paid for being a president so he must perform and produce results.

  • Kapito is not analyst so where did he found that.

  • From bad to worst, my question is why are we voting? Are we voting 4 change , regional, tribes why why why my people my Malawi?

  • Tht is y i stay away frm politics,u go n vote,today is about cryng.

  • In Every Aspect,kapito Is Also A Failure And So APM Too.

  • Then take us to the street,to force him to step down,Look ,he is in USA enjoying himself,a president of aSova attitude,strange ?

  • Eric Mbewe says:

    So what must be done ?

  • That’s why I run away and staying in a foreign country sending money back home

  • I Support That To A Large Extent But On Hand He Should Bring Solution On Table Rather Than Criticising

  • kkk ooh the worst ever government eg kamuzu??? muluzi??? bingu?? jb????? prof apm? thats hw our leader’s perfomance ok

  • True, the Mr Ibu administration is a failure

  • Who was/is good then because everyone Who’s in power you says is bad.

  • failure blaming fellow failure.#kapito and HE are all failures.