Concerned Athletics Group not happy with bully AAM


Concerned Athletics Group led by Tauka Athletics Club has expressed concern over the way Athletics Association of Malawi (AAM) is positioning itself to remain in power ahead of the elections this year.

In a letter to the association copied to Malawi National Council of Sports among other issues challenged the revised Constitution, which was controversially adopted last year, questioned the sub committees role and mandate to vote.

It stated that the adopted constitution empowers the association to appoint sub committees whose chairperson will have the mandate to vote during elective Annual General Meeting which the grouping argues is in conflict.

Athletics Association of Malawi has come under fire. (Google image of Malawi athletes)

“It must be noted that it is undemocratic and contrary to good governance for the National Executive Committee to have powers to elect committees whose members have powers to vote for members of the National Executive Committee. It these sub committees are appointed by the National Executive Committee we fear that they might be manipulated when it comes to voting. They cannot exercise their right to vote in a free and fair manner. In other words they cannot be neutral,” reads the letter in part signed by 28 athletes, coaches and officials.

However AAM’s letter in response to the concern, signed by General Secretary Frank Chitembeya, said the association could not address the issue from concerned group saying it has no mandate to raise the issues.

“AAM considered the letter though from people who are just mere individuals that they have tried to express their feelings. AAM is glad to receive such views and contributions from people like you and will always accommodate such contributions for future implementation,” Chitembeya said.

“The investigation has shown that there are no names of the so called concerned group from the other two regions of North and Centre. This again means that the interests expressed by the group do not represent the interest of Malawi as you have claimed.”

But one of the concerned individuals, short distance runner Moses Mkondowe said they were not satisfied with the response hence will take the matter further in pursuant of justice.

Mkondowe said the current set up would pose a threat to aspiring candidates to contest and win as the incumbent will have unfair advantage.