Mutharika is right, Malawi is a land of thieves: Man arrested over govt drugs


Days after Malawi’s President Peter Mutharika publicly outcried of the tendency by Malawians to steal everything that comes their way, Police in the country’s capital city of Lilongwe are keeping in their custody a 34 year-old man for being found with drugs meant for use in public hospitals.

Mutharika turned his ire against Malawians for having a habit of stealing every time, everything, everywhere.

‘’There is theft everywhere. This is very bad and my government will not relent to iron out theft which is becoming the normal life in Malawi,’’ he said.

But a man has now been arrested for possessing drugs meant for public hospitals.

The development comes at a time when the government is on a campaign to end theft of government drugs in public hospitals.

medicineAccording to the city’s police public relations officer Inspector Kingsley Dandaula, the suspect has been identified as Maxwell Mshanga who got nabbed earlier this week.

Inspector Dandaula said the man has been selling medical drugs for a long time at Senti in Area 18 and other surrounding areas.

He said on Sunday, August 21, Lingadzi police received a tip from the general public that Mshanga was selling drugs which were suspected to have been stolen from a public hospital.

The police in the area later launched an investigation to find the truth of the matter and on Tuesday, August 23 they nabbed the suspect.

According to Dandaula, at the time of his arrest Mshane was having in his bag over 150 tablets of amoxicillin, over 100 tablets of Indocin, and 82 tablets of Panado.

The suspect is being kept at the Lingadzi police waiting for when he will appear before court of law to answer charges of government drug theft.

Meanwhile Dandaula has warned all people who steal drugs in public hospitals that they will be dealt with accordingly when caught.

Maxwell Mshanga hails from Galima village in the area of Traditional Authority Zulu in Mchinji district.



  1. But we had drugs from Dr Banmdas time till now. But why was it that we had no such theft during his time? Cant we borrow a leaf from his drug management satyle

  2. Point of collection; Malawi is not a land of thieves rather, our leaders make Malawians to be thieves. How can yu support this rubbish, if it is like that, including him too is a thief coz we are in the same land.

  3. It is only right when the president says it not so, the way you have written your article, so crime can be taking place as long as the president says nothing all is well.

  4. Don’t say corruption just say stealing, robbers, criminals mbava a sizinantole! you you corruption what does this mean? they just proud of this name as if they are not stealing. where is ant-corruption beuro? I want this organisation abolished as soon as possible. daily tizingomva nkhani imodzi ndi imodzi umbava huh? no sense!

  5. Who is wrong n who is right?Open your eyes n see.If you look around across the planet you will see.Then look up to heaven then open your bibles with the help from one above.

  6. nonsense! we hv been working hard since thawi yakamuzu en we hv never come out frm being slaves, bt wt wl we get? insult en yet thy ar using our on hard working en innocent poor Malawian s to get wt thy wnt.Malawi u hv surferd from ur hard work nw its ur tym use ur brain.kulima sunatope? mudzalemela liti ngati Iwo akulemela cz of ur hard work? pano tsegulani maso inu akazipeza iwo akuba ndeinu musiyila ndani? ukapeza mwayi iba basi bola osangwidwa.en ameneyo asayipitse mbiri ya amalawi kuti ndiakuba ngati iye saaba.makhwala wabawo akufanana ndizomwe zidaba nduna zaboma? tilikale ndimbwili zabwino kuno

  7. I a little thief of the land am happy that the president has admitted that we are a land of thieves and definitely him being the first citizen of the land is also the biggest thief

  8. Follow the leader..he is the big thief.a thief believes everyone is thieving and thats why he feels right to do…but we are God fearing and want to promote our own image as good and trusted ambassadors of the christ.he is the one stealing alot like the world is rumored to end tomorrow.Big fish in smuggling

  9. Koma m’mawa will mzatheka basi mpaka kuba makhala akakhala prophet Shepard Bushiri akuyesetsa kuthandiza Koma mkumamukambilanso zoyipa kodi a malawi tidzakonzeka koma ? Kaya ndakayika

  10. He found Malawi at a very standard level of its economic and social life.
    He also rigged Malawians of their rights of vote.
    He is the one who brought thieves in his whole administration which are stealing government assets.
    Like father as the head of thieves and like son the captain of robbers.
    This is a direct assault to innocent Malawians.

  11. Hahahahah!! U mean u still dnt know that Malawi has got lots of thieves? After all that cash gate? Now u know coz Mr president talked abt it and sam small fish is caught?….thats nothing better that guy stole drugs others stole money for drugs and pipo died in hospitals and r not yet caught

    • wina athuwa udawavuta those big thieves hv power thy cnt talk about thm bt ths small slave caught thy hv somethng to talk about

  12. The problem is that crime was simplified since 1994. Since then there has never been stiff punishment on criminals, and even more suspects do not appear before the court to be tried because their files get disappeared in police cabinets. In cases whereby big figures are involved and is kind of organized syndicate then the language you hear is “police are still investigating” in the end you will hear that “there was no sufficient evidence”. Surely if our understanding of Democracy is to let everything loose, then we are heading to hell

  13. Mayi wanga Malawi , one of electrity / day, no food 4 patients in hospitals , no drugs 4 the sick , stealing of public monewy , killing of pple with albinsm , hunger year in year out . eish .

  14. Mutharika should concentrate in job creation and stop selling his voters for 1 cent , The tendency of insulting residents by presidents is persisting.Presidents forget that the leter (P) in (P)resident was added by voters and can be removed by voters to become a resident.Last it was Mugabe insulting Zimbabweans in Diaspora, but hey,tables have turned for him as Im writing . For Mutharika its gonna be a check mate.

  15. People will follow whatever their leaders do… so if you don’t lead by example… then this is what happens… This is a simple case of do what I say, don’t do what I do!

  16. Tiwawotcha asamale vuto wapolice akalakwisa boma limangoyan’gana ma nurse akuba makhwala boma kumangoyan’gana athu akumagurisa Ku Jon ndi Ku Mozambique

  17. Fucken stupid president,even u,ur a thief why pointing someone with drugs while ur busy filled ur pockets with millions of poor pple,fuck u n for ever u born nothing n u wl die n go without anything why dnt u help other pple who are suffering,fuck the president once again,failling to improve ur country,n heading that u changed de passport,u,ur avery old fucken president serious

  18. U Malawians, u know wat, things hv got already gone, no any president cn fixed up 100% dis country never, so just wait n see coz even ur talking much bt nothing is changing.

  19. nkhani ilinkamwa pano ndi ya mbava 7 zomwe aku ndizo opya kwambiri. ndipo pakadali pano maina ambavazo akuti aziwika. malinga ndi malipoti omwe akatswili azakafukufuka. komanso akazitape apeza akuti m’modzi mwambavozo ndi mphuzisi wina wa sukulu za ukachenjede

  20. Welcome to the Malawi,Mr President.
    We noticed these things centuries ago and have been trying to let you in the know. You seemed not notice us not cared. But your statements seems like de javu.

  21. Must be harsh penalty. Bank account must be freezed and material things ceased, expelled and send the offender to jail. Have trusted auditors to monitor each and every penny and projects. Talking and complaining only doesn’t help the citizens. The penalty will send a serious message to those in power. The Malawians must feel proud of their country.

  22. Mankhwala ndiye akubedwa, ma nurse ndi ma Dokotala samalani muyamba kubedwa ngati alubiso chifukwa zikuwoneka kuti atsekula zipatala akubawa. Ndiye paja amatha kulankhula koma kuchita samatha

  23. Dont ever critisise the presdent remember he is a human bein as you are he cant jst solve everythng fast as u want. Ine see kt peter muthalika is very best presdent in malawi anapeza ziko litatha kudyedwa ndi kapolo anathawira kunja uja. I really thanks peter he is doing nice job may God bless him

    • Oh man belo ndi ufulu wa ozengedwa mulandu wina aliyense posatengera mulandu womwe iye akuyankha. Read the constitution of the republic of Malawi: section 42

  24. President kaya mumatero kuti ndinu apresident koma ambiri salemekezanso inu chifukwa ndinu mbala # 1. Tiyambe ndi MSB munawabera a MALAWI. K577 billion munasolola ngakhale mukukana koma ndinu mbala. Panopa muziyamba mwachita edit mau anu mukamauza mtundu wa anthu chifukwa mau anu amakhala opanda sense.

  25. malawi will never develop because you people spend time talking bad things to the one in power…..even if you put the person you want in power someone still will say bad thinga…..Peter can’t change Malawi on his own….he needs alot of support from we Malawians

    • To change the country it needs to start in our family, then community going up, district up to the country. The country will never change if we are against the President in everything. If we want to change the country the first thing is work to work hard, planning for investment than just using all the money we get pre month, second thing we need to work together by creating small company that means we will created jobs for ourselves and for other.

    • the thing is we Malawians we used to not to work hard and get what we want…..we only know how to ask other countries to assist us yet we have some resources which we can use and develop our self…..we want others to work hard for us so that we benefit from them……we have alot of land which we can use for farming and we want the president to support us 80% which is impossible

    • kodi uthandiza president kuposela kugwira nthito koma misonkhoyo kukwerako kodi munthu angathandizike bwanji? malipiro otsika investment ingatheke bwanji? kodi ukamakhuta iweyo uziti aliyense akukhuta. inu simuona nyumba za osauka kutauni ngakhale mmidzi? mumaganiza kuti onse alibe nzeru zodzitukulira? pali mavuto ambiri ndipo angathandize ndiye president.kodi anthu atangoti du adziwa bwanji mavuto awanthu ake? anthu ayenela kulankhula kuyamikira patsogolo akadzatula udindo nthawi zonse azikhalira kuganiza zochita.nthawi yoombela mmanja president idatha pa 14 may1993.

    • Mr Phiri not everyone ali osawuka ndekut alibe kuthekera kochita bwino….pali ena ndikudziwa alibe pogwira koma vuto masiku ano katangale wachuluka nde anthu ena azikhalabe mavuto mpaka kale kale


    • Reality tien tigwirane manja matsikut akupita awa otukuka akutukuka,okhalila busy kunyoza akunyoza kma chonsecho palib chosintha pamoyo wathu

  26. “A Land if thieves”! That’s what he called it? But not of this drug guy the real thieves are parliament sleeping driving fancy cars fancy houses fancy lives off of tax payers money and have the nerve every year or so to have their pay raised to ridiculous amount while some poor joe like this guy who probably earns not more that 30,000MK yet supports this two kids with school fees,pays rent, feeds n clothes his family, etc
    And they call this guy a thief? I would rather call him a victim

  27. the problem here is thieves are communicated when to do what. they are caught because they do not follow instructions. Everything and everywhere any thing can be stolen be it statehouse, offices, hospitals, homes, police stations Govt offices etc stealing is a profession in Malawi community. even the President knows this.

  28. Making Malawians to leave their peaceful country n go to other countries n being called foolish names bkz of you who r busy calling urselves leaders even myself zimandipweteka leaving in a foreign country we want to come back home koma tikulephela u make our lives tough you politicians

  29. kuba kwa usatanaku kukucitika chifukwa tirimbuyo zedi pa chitukuko …ndiye zambiri pamoyo zikunika ndiye anthu atani.
    komanso Muntharika anati ali ndi ndalama zambiri kuja iye anazitenga kuti .

  30. I guess Peter is a fucker. The problems arise due to poverty which is caused by poor government administration. No Malawi citizen is a thieft but Cashgaters.

  31. Malawi full of no sense leadership those who r calling leaders they r just busy abusing the constition and oppressing more n more to those who are poor fireburn your bombaklaat leadership