20 August 2016 Last updated at: 6:18 AM

Gibo Lantosi tampers with Great Angels choir’s songs

Lilongwe based musician Gibo Lantosi is gaining fame over covers he has made out of gospel giants Great Angels Choir hit songs.

The artist turned some of the gospel songs done by the choir into secular by changing the message while maintaining the tunes and instrumentations.

This has left the choir’s fans with unanswered questions on rights to have group’s work reproduced.

In an exclusive interview with Malawi24 last week, a member of the Great Angels Justin Kaunda denied giving the artist rights to produce covers for any of their songs.

Gibo Lantosi

Gibo Lantosi plays around with Great Angels songs.

He said: “We never gave him any right to make covers of our songs.”

In one of the covers, the chibaba hitmaker substituted the gospel message for something to do with chamba.

In a separate interview with this publication on Monday, the dancehall icon gave a conflicting response on the matter. He claimed that he sought permission from the gospel preachers prior to production of the songs that have become noisy on the local scene.

Mundimangiranji is one of the songs done by the artist that emanated from the Great Angels’ Sindipita. He sings, “inu a police mundimangiranji ine, opanda ganja ine sindingathe.”

When asked if they are planning to take any action against the artist, Kaunda proudly implied that their mission is to spread the word of God and not to fight fellow artists be it gospel or secular.

“We don’t have any plans to take any action against him. We are a gospel group and we can’t do that, our mission is to reach many lives and not to argue with fellow artist weather gospel or the other side.”

The Great Angels is a choir of the people, thanks to the group’s many a hit songs. The choir’s popularity is evidenced by the number of people who follows the group’s Facebook page which is under the name the Great Angels choir.

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