Malawi security gone to the dogs: car robbed in Lilongwe in full view of people

Malawi Lilongwe Game store carjack
Malawi Lilongwe Game store carjack
Lilongwe Game store car park

Reports indicate that the worsening levels of security have hit Malawi hard following a reported carjack in Lilongwe, in full view of the people.

to a Facebook post by Chancellor College Law expert Edge Kanyongolo, an unidentified car has been jacked from a driver at Game Complex in Lilongwe.

“Just witnessed a dramatic theft at Game Complex Lilongwe. Car seized from the driver in crowded carpark and driven away,” Kanyongolo posted.

Malawi24 is currently making efforts to talk to the Police.




  2. Hahah u blaming police instead of blaming G4s which provide security services at e premises . guarding the whole of game complex wth only a stick wat do u expect, its high time we equip these guys

  3. Mmmmh amene walembawe wabodza bcoz a police akuyesetsa mbali yawo. Ine ndidali pompo mmene zimachitika but chandisangalatsa mchimodzi kut mmayi alimoyo ngakhale adamukakha kut alandidwe ma key otherwise adakamupeza kwa yekha mmmmh kaya. Wakubayo within 10sec adali atatuluka pa game compus but wa G4S ndamene adakuwa kut wakuba after ataona gun. Koma kuberedwa galimoto sizachilendo ai ndiye musalankhule ngat zayamba lero bcoz man amene abawo adali mu decent atanyamula jumbo la chipiku muli zinthu. Zikusonyezera2 kut adayamba kuzemberera patali kut abe galimotoyo ndiye zomalozana zala apa ai. Did u expect kut a G4S azikhala ndi gun?

  4. Man the presence of Kanyongolo on the scene has completely nothing to do with whatever happened. Is proff. Kanyongolo a security officer ? Was he alone at the scene? If your government is failing to provide security don’t push the Blame on others. Game stores complex is a business premise bwana , watching an ambush is not a crime. What’s the responsibility of security within the premise, what are they paid for? Mind your language.

    1. Trace,well said. Also you must know that it takes members of community to help in curbing crime. It should not be left in the hands of security officers only. It’s not Govt which practically provide security, it’s you and me. I hope you are aware that some people know the criminals but they don’t report them. They sometimes go to the extent of hiding the criminals. The crime can take place even in the presence of Police. Let’s join hands and do what is needful to enhance security. Know that “Security is yourself. You start and the help comes later.” Some Malawians are capable of watching while crime is taking place without doing anything. Should we put the blame on Police or Govt?

  5. Inuyo munachitapo chani kumbali yànu ngati mzika komanso okhudzidwa? ubwino wa police ufunike poti zada? Inu siomwe aja mudaotcha police ku NDILANDE, KUCHILOMONI, KWACHIÑSAPO NDI KU AREA 24 kungotchulako ochepa chabe?

  6. If we talk of security here in malawi we are not yet there …..what we need now is first to make our secuity guard services strong then we go for police but the way things are going now its difficult to have that required security because we are starting from up going down …but we should start from the bottom going up ward

  7. Its at owners fault why did he/she had to buy an expensive vehicle, amafuna kunyadisa ndani…..wanyadisa ana aamuna pa malawi.

  8. And when is this socalled chitetezo be implimented wth this stupid administration.? Ever since this bustard took the da office, all we hear is negative only. Whn is he going to adopt his brother’s skilled administration? No wonder da public takes da law into their own hands. We cn not aleaz blem da police, the government is. I hv never heard of a car being hijacked during Dr Banda’s rule. Something is wrong here wth our leaders. Albinos, cashgate, poor security. Its just too much for us citizens.

  9. The police can not be everywhere. Even in France where security is very tight and they have all the resources, attacks are taking place. That’s a fact.

  10. Admin go to Durdan or Joburg and watch areal movie.mind u in jorburg the cops are armed but crime is so high please give our cops apat at the back coz they got ndodo and unyolo only while the thugs got guns.

  11. How many cars have been stolen this week or this month in LL? Is this the first time for a car to be stolen in LL or Malawi ? If. the. answer is” Never” then really the security has gone to the dogs

  12. If the security have no guns, you want them to risk their lives with armed robbers for the car which is not even theirs? Give me a break. Many are not even thanked by the owners after taking care of their property, just for bread, nothing. They are human beings just like the people who were watching the incident and they deserve to be appreciated and protected. They are supposed to be armed with a loaded AK47 and the criminals won’t dare to come close. SAFETY FIRST.

    1. If the Police are not well equipped by the Government, what do you expect? They are human beings who have to be taken care of by the Government and protected. And again most of the Malawians know that their child or family member is a criminal, they just keep quiet and enjoy the stolen goods. The citizens must also help and support the Police.

  13. A Malawi ndi akuba basi. Apolisi angapeze paliponse nthawi zonse? Ngati a Malawi tili ndi udindo owathandiza apolisi kugwira kapena kuwauza zaumbava

  14. where is malawi going now?? ohoho do want government to secure even your cars?? next time you will ask government to secure your wheelbarows and your manual bikes

  15. Mtsogoleri mbava, ndie apolice akuopa kuti akagwira anthuwo ntchito iwathera chifukwa big man is the master mind of all this.

  16. ndinali pompo zimachitika we can’t blame police,,, what we can is blame ndi a secricol chifukwa timakuwa asecricor achitseka gate la mmusi sanakatuluka mutapita ma gate mupeza alonda amene anja mwina ndizopangana akuona galimoto anthunso akukuwa bwanji sanatseke gate

  17. Seriously,if you did not have details it wasnt necessary to write this story. How far did you go with your academic journalism?

    1. Thats true. This story tells us no story. Poor journalism akukalemba za FB ya Kanyongolo Hehede!

  18. Police are trying there best. But the problem is with us.we know where these criminals stays but we we glue our lips n wait for something to happen then we become the best in blaming our must start in our community!!

  19. This habit is growing in Malawi and police is so weak compared to other countries and my suggession is to support mob justice.Lets use our own means of dealing with such thieves.

  20. Haha u mean de so called Kanyongolo oz thr?? Watchin lyk an action movie?? Not even trying to contact de police?? Security start’s with us, police cn nvr b everywhere

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