Have fewer children- Malawians told

Malawi Population

United States Ambassador to Malawi Virginia Palmer has urged Malawians to follow proper family planning with the aim of reducing high population growth so that the country should develop.

Palmer made the remarks in Dedza during commemorations of World Population Day which this year was commemorated under the theme “Investing in teenage girls for a more just, stable, and peaceful world.”

The US Ambassador said proper family planning is crucial to Malawi’s attainment of development goals.

Malawi Population
Malawi Population on the rise. (Image credit: Dawin Meckel)

“We have to work on family planning because everything else we have to achieve in development will be undermined if the current population growth continues as it is.

“Every time you build a classroom it’s overwhelmed with hundreds of new children. Every time you build a clinic it’s overwhelmed because there are thousands of new babies,” said Palmer.

She acknowledged that cultural values are hard to change but said it is important for Malawians to value girls’ education and their right to be children and give them a chance to have babies only when they are ready.

Speaking at the same function, Senior Chief Kachindamoto admitted that although times have changed, some traditional leaders continue to cling to harmful cultural practices.

Chief Kachindamoto also condemned the hyena practice in Nsanje saying that such acts are unjustifiable and must be abolished.



  1. I have been hear this since I was 11 and now in Malawian families are having two children per family but I dnt see any change to malawi

  2. ur donation goes to accounts of mr president, + we work hard 4 our own kids plaese mr/mrs America don’t judge us. let #MALAWI be #MALAWI ihope wamva….

  3. Gyz,think wizely,,kodi population yaamalawi yikulowamo kangati muyaamerica…Akuopa chani iwowo,anawo timalera tokha ikakhala nkhani ya donation imathera kwa anthu atatu…One family=6-10 chlds..

  4. Its not about Family planning,its about our Leadership,these politicians r infecting us since they don’t use condoms,so many disease in Malawi cashgate and corraption,so tell mr president to wear a condom pliz.

  5. Ife omwe timakhala kunja kwa kwa Mw tikabwera kuzayendera Mw mkumalankhulapo za nkhani timakhala ngati tikuyelekedwa koma taonani American ambassador waionanso chimodzimodzi……Guys populatoin boom ndi vuto!!

  6. plz osandiuza nkhani zobereka mulungu andimane chumama anaso ai ine ndisengura mpingo {ochendwa chikomesa church. nxt year ana 10 ndiang`a

  7. I advise Malawi to have more children I guarantee you that these opportunists want to eradicate and take away plack skinned people from this earth,beware with there free medical and vaccination aid they give you and beware with there smiles its all fake please have more and more children like China to Foster development

  8. Americans spent alot of resources on animals i.e. 1 child+3 dogs + 1 pet =5 Children per family, while in Malawi average children per family is 3 ,let them minimize the number of dogs they keep first before they tell us what to do. We are not Gays or Lesbians who can’t produce children, let us alone.

  9. she is right ,,pali zina zimaonjeza guys ,,u find a person who earns 25pin/month no any added business ana 8 wina oti amalandira phwamwamwa ana awiri sungaxifunse ayi,,anatu amavuta kulera osamangobereka ngati ulipo wekha pa dziko pano

  10. This is insane. Malawi is not America, and we are in no way living up to Americans wish!
    Being poor, doesn’t mean we can be dictated to!
    If its the money they bring into the country, well,they can shove it, we don’t care!
    Absolutely ridiculous, and they are invading our humanity!
    We demand a full public apology and a retraction of the remarks!

    1. Am 25yrs now but from when I was 9Am 25yrs now but from when I was 9yrs up to now nothing changes in our lives still be the same so there is no need family planning coz of helping us and we don’t need there help coz I know this people trying to push us into there department

    2. Am 25yrs now but from when I was 9Am 25yrs now but from when I was 9yrs up to now nothing changes in our lives still be the same so there is no need family planning coz of helping us and we don’t need there help coz I know this people trying to push us into there department

    3. Yeah man,we can’t stand being dictated to! And we are not living on their time! If they want to colonise us again, tough,we won’t let that happy! They can go to hell!

  11. Genesis 1 v 28 mubalane muchuluke mudzadze dziko lapansi muligonjetse Mulungu tu ameneyo ndiye munthu wina akayankhule choncho akufuna kutsutsana ndi Yehova anthu ena anakana zimenezo pa Genesis 11 v 1 Mulungu anafuna kuti anthu azibalalika pa.dziko lapansi ena nkumafuna kutsutsana ndi Mulungu anawabalalitsa pa Babele inuso akuteroni siyani mau a Mulungu akwaniritsidwe

  12. u guyz can u understand her its not an order no!!!! she is jst trying to give us an sdvice so mukuti anawo samadya kunyumba kwakwe whats wrong with u mind u vuto lirilose limakhala ndi gwero lake if u can think deeply on this issue then u can agree with wat virgenia is trying to say kusapereka chisamarilo choenera kwa mwana wathu nditchimo ndithu so ndibweno kukhala ndi ana ome utha kuwasamala mosavutika kutengera ndimomwe umapezera

  13. Its not an order, just an advice, take it for free or dont beg later. Because a child is not seen for us as.more one pangaknife to work but a thing to take care. So we concern when childs die, is better have one healthy abd not hungry and in school than have a lot hunting for rats and growing few maize to survive daily…but do what ever you want and dont blame outsiders…

  14. Am 34 years now but since i never got a cent from govenment or so called donors.so let me do what i want to do not by your orders.

  15. 1970 inali ndi anthu ochepa. Anthawo saamadandula umphawi? Musanamizire kubereka kochulusa ana, zangovuta. Mwaika ma company angati kuti anthu saakukwanira?

  16. Have as many Children as you can look after sizimene akunenazo and yet those in power there still stealing money which could been used for development! sies the must go to hell ..

  17. PSl Malawi has failed its duties, the organisation need to be reshuffled, and new organisation put in place with better approches.

  18. Ena akunyindilira atulutse nkhope yawo. Uchembele mngwabwino nde mpaka 10 akuti ngati sawabalira wa mwamuna azingobelekabe

    1. Iwey @munthali ukuyambisa zonyoza mitundu ait? M’malo moti uzingoyamika kuti waidziwa town nde ukanyozanso? Ukuona ngati sitimadziwa kuti kunorthen region kuli fanz yambiri hvy, but imangobisika chifukwa choti nkutchile kwachabe-chabe.

    1. So u want the whole nation to obey that because of donation…u want people to follow orders from this morons instead of God..?..kenako adzakuwuzani muziphana nokhanokha,mudzavomela…dont be greedy with their donation.. munthu sadzakhala ndi moyo chifukwa cha mkate koma ndi mawu…

    2. We’re sick of being told what to do every time by this ppl…let them go with their donations”munati akazi azivala mabuluku mzina laufulu tinavomera, munati mathanyula which we reluctantly accepted. Now mwati tachulukana…eeeesh it’s too much!

    3. Kupasidwa Trouser…nkumauziwa kuti udzivalira kunsika kokha…ukadzavalira ku tchalitchi ndizakulanda….what kind of donation is that….

    4. No matter wha EVERY ONE PUT ON THE CLOTH THAT FITS HIS OR HER BODY.Good you kuti waku wyzani.Ana 40 mukufuna boma lizikulipirirani chirichonse budget yopempha yomweyi.Uziyamc wekha komangati dzukunyera kusamala ana ako mukhalira yomweyo Fees UNIMA,TENT LUANA,Panado Hospa MITENGO YATHA Practice what uv’e leant!

    5. Palibe mwana amene amabadwa by mistake mulungu amene amalenga.pamene wina ali busy kulera ndi pamene ena akubeleka mapasa palibe angalese chifuniro chamungu chimene chinalembedwa kuti chizabadwa olo wina akhomelele chizabadwabe basi.amereka imadana ndi kubadwa kwa anthu koma imagwirizana ndikupha anthu mchifukwa inapanga matenda aedzi

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