Malawian supermarkets caught cheating: you are being overcharged

Charlotte-Wezi Malonda

As economic problems continue to hit Malawians hard, it has been revealed that well-known supermarkets in the country are cheating consumers by overcharging their goods.

Charlotte-Wezi Malonda
Malonda: we will name and shame

According to the Competition and Fair Trading Commission (CFTC), it has come to light that ten top supermarkets in the cities of Lilongwe and Blantyre have been stealing from consumers.

An inspection which CFTC conducted revealed that these supermarkets are displaying lower prices on the shelves and charging higher prices at the till, displaying lower overall amount on the screen while the printed transaction receipt shows higher amount, displaying edible food products bearing two expiry date labels and failing to display prices on food products.

Executive Director of CFTC Charlotte Wezi Malonda says misleading consumers is an offence under the Competition and Fair Trading Act and Consumer Protection Act.

“It is also an offence for any trader to engage in any unfair or unconscionable tactics aimed at profiteering and taking advantage of consumers,” said Malonda.

She then warned the supermarkets that her organisation will use proper measures to deal with such supermarkets.

Malonda said such measures “will include naming, shaming and huge punitive fines to offending supermarkets in the hope that these penalties will motivate them to comply voluntarily with consumer protection law.”



    1. Ask people from ptc i wasn’t be fire and i resigned i hate that stupid coz u don’t what has been happening in ptc that’s y u suffering stupit people

  1. Firstly, u need to name them,shame them,and ask them to give back to the community before imposing a hefty fine on them!
    What they are doing is day light robbery, and we cannot tolerate that!

  2. even the motor industry has not been spared.I went to buy a car from one of the prominent car dealers in the country,there was a K1 million price tag on the car but when I visited the counter to make a payment,I was told that the car cost K11 million.

  3. Fuck ’em all… where’s MBS board to overcome the matter? Just on a*s follow up for tax.
    Made me sick,,, you gotcha all piss off yo asses…

  4. ayamba ndi a bomawa kukweza misokho nde mukuganiza kuti iwowo nde apanga bwanji? boma lanuli ndilimene lili ndi vuto evin muli inu mungapange bwa??? agogo anuwa sali bwino ingovomerezani munavotela nokha basi

  5. In Malawi every body is a thief, what matters is a degree, cashgate masters degree ………. to be continued…

  6. Makamaka ma shop a amwenyewa… Amazikonda zimenezi. Akaona kuti waatulukira amakuthandiza mwachangu…koma sikuti asiya, amamgoyendera waitulukirayo mwayi wake.

  7. Why should you wait for CAMA when you are the one robbed? Malawians let’s learn to act if things go wrong.Don’t wait for anyone to act for you.

  8. Experienced it yesterday at Chipiku Plus Supermarket which is at Game Complex. Bought lunch in take away box. Rough calculations was about K1000 but got charged over K1400 at the till. When we examined the receipt, we discovered that they had overcharged us on the meet with of K400. We confronted the and claimed our money back.
    Now this was a small purchase. How much are they stealing from us when we make big purchases with lots of items on the list?

  9. Malawi is not agood place to be amall country la asogoleli okuba kwambili ozikundikila chuma obela ndikuzuza amphawi God wil judge u guyz let us stave lik this.

    1. Man Nkhani Ili Apa Ndiyamashop Osati Azitsogoleri Ngati Mumadananawo Muwachotse Tisakhe Inuyo Man Mwaneka Kuti Mungayendetse Bwino Dzikori .Koma Man Chonde Pangani Zanu Mmalo Molimbana Ndi Otitsogorera GOD ADZAKUCHOTSERANI MDALITSO WANU

  10. Is it the money that is overchaged goes to the till attendants or the company??if the compony then government do something.zikumadabwisa 5pin kulephera kugula sobo,xugar and bread eshhhh.

  11. Ku Bangwe kuno pafupi ndi pa Post Office iriponso supermarket yangotseliridwa kumene akubera anthu moipa. I was about to be a victim. Luckly I first went around the shelves and jolted down the prices of the items I wanted to buy. I had little money so I just wanted to buy exactly what fitted my pocked. Allas! I was wrong. The bill I got was k1300 more than the value of the goods
    when i quizzed the till operater she looked completely that she had lost answers. Her manager was claiming to be busy on a phone line. these are thieves. I stopped going into that supermarket.

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